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  • 01/15/2014

Watch Four Tet Sample 'Thriller' to Make a Beat in 10 Minutes

The increasingly unpredictable Four Tet is the latest artist to be featured in Don't Watch That TV's Beat This video series, sampling portions of Michael Jackson's classic Thriller album to make a beat in just 10 minutes. After introducing himself to the camera, Four Tet quickly jumps into the task of creating a track, grabbing a few samples from the record before taking to his laptop to manipulate and create loops using Ableton Live. Given the circumstances, the resulting production is a bit rough-around-the edges—as Four Tet explained on his Twitter, "10 minutes is not very long to make a track, and I've never sampled Thriller, before so go easy on me"—still the clip does provide some rather useful insight into how the Londoner works. Four Tet's Beat This episode can be watched in full below.

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