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  • 02/17/2014

Korg Plans "Faithful Recreation" of the ARP Odyssey

In a somewhat surprising announcement, Korg has revealed plans to develop a "faithful recreation" of the ARP Odyssey—a renowned '70s-era analog synth (pictured above)—for release later this year. While it is unclear if Korg's vision for the relaunched ARP Odyssey will place it in a much more compact package, as the company did with its MS-20 Minis in recent years, Korg has tapped the Odyssey's original lead designer, David Friend, to head the new project. As of now, few details of the "faithful recreation" have been shared, but the unit is so far expected to hit shelves in September of this year. Korg's full announcement about the forthcoming synth can be read here.

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