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  • 03/04/2014

Matthew Herbert Explores the Art and Science of Looping in New Radio Show

Longstanding producer and master sonic manipulator Matthew Herbert was recently enlisted to put together a 30-minute radio segment for the BBC, in which the UK artist explored the art and science of the loop. Now—for those of us who can't find BBC Radio 4 on the dial, or just happened to miss the broadcast—Herbert's immensely informative program can be streamed in full online.

Over the course of the half-hour show, Herbert leads the way, bringing in a cast of various DJs and producers to discuss the elemental facets and uses of the loop, the history of repetition in music (as well as its place in nature), and the evolution of looping in modern production. Along the way, Herbert uses examples from his ambitious One Pig project (which made an entire LP from sounds recorded while following the life of a pig on a farm), before eventually waxing philosophical about the proliferation of looping software and whether or not music is reaching an "unhealthy state of permanent recycling." Herbert's full The Art of the Loop segment can be heard here.

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