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Juan Ramos "The Mariner"

First Listen

Average: 8.7 (19 votes)

Animals as Leaders "The Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing (Crushfield Remix)"

First Listen

Average: 8.8 (16 votes)

RAMZi "Nuptial Bébites"

First Listen
Label: Pygmy Animals

Average: 8.1 (11 votes)

DNGLS "Downstep"

First Listen

Average: 7.4 (23 votes)

Josh Mace "Monolith"

First Listen

Average: 8.7 (22 votes)

Lost Midas "Archetype Forgotten"

First Listen
Label: Tru Thoughts

Average: 8.8 (21 votes)

Ba-kuura "dream_sim"

Label: Hyperboloid

Average: 8.5 (34 votes)


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