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Download: Pedro Vian "African Echoes"

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Having previously served as one half of Barcelona's Aster pair, Pedro Vian broke out on his own earlier this year with his Dancing Hindus EP (a four-track effort which included remixes from Madteo and Hieroglyphic Being). With another solo EP set to drop early next year, Vian—who recently launched his own Modern Obscure imprint—has dropped off a new freebie in the form of "African Echoes." The slow-pulsing cut lives up to its namesake, lacing its steady, Latin-touched rhythms with hypnotic loops of African choirs. The burgeoning Barcelona talent's "African Echoes" production can be downloaded below, while Vian's recent solo debut can be streamed in full after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Rhythm Operator "Mind Wave"

Label: Axe on Wax

Los Angeles producer Calvin James today releases his latest effort as Rhythm Operator, the four-track Illuminate Your Soul EP. Appearing via the fledgling Axe on Wax label, the record presents three original tracks from James along with a remix by UK up-and-comer Liam Geddes. To spread word of the release, James has passed along EP cut "Mind Wave," which takes a methodical path to crafting a piano-rich slice of skipping house. Peppered with tasteful vocal samples and layers of hand percussion, "Mind Wave" lands itself on the jazzier and more subdued end of the club music spectrum. Out today, the rest of Rhythm Operator's Illuminate Your Soul EP can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Marreck "False Martyr"

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Label: Bomb Shop

Marreck is the work of UK sound artist Michael Hann who has also released under the name Rejections and is responsible for overseeing the fledgling Reject and Fade label. Under his Marreck alias, Hann will next week issue the Thirteen Losses EP, which is said to collect four pieces of "soundsystem brutalism" including "False Martyr," the record's closing cut. An uncompromising composition, "False Martyr" is the kind of track that sounds like it is content to just let the machines run wild. A brooding analog pulse leads the production, appearing loosely tide to a rhythmic pattern, though it is constantly the result of manipulation. On top of this, Hann eventually layers a piercing, siren-like sheet of noise which grows as the electronics below become more and more unhinged. "False Martyr" and three other tracks not for the faint of heart will see their official release on September 22, when Marreck's full Thirteen Losses EP drops via Bomb Shop. 

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Download: Transformer "Deepak"

Label: Numerology

A live disco/house group hailing from Brighton, Transformer today releases its Feel the Beast EP via London label Numerology. Included on the three-track effort is "Deepak," an organ-fueled cut which laces its skipping, six-plus-minute run with tight guitar strums, wordless vocal murmurs, and a bevy of hand-played synth lines. Following a somewhat loose structure, "Deepak" feels more like a jam session than a strictly defined track, its elements allowed to evolve freely atop the track's drum machine pulse. Out today, Transfomer's new Feel the Beast EP can be streamed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Arms and Sleepers "Tiger Tempo"

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Label: Fake Chapter

Boston-based producers Max Lewis and Mirza Ramic will again combine their talents as Arms and Sleepers on the forthcoming Swim Team LP, an 11-track effort which will see its release via the Fake Chapter label late next month. Appearing early on in the record is "Tiger Tempo," a thickly textured production which pairs a handful of sludgy samples with loose-stomping rhythms. Though it begins on the more moody side of the beat spectrum, "Tiger Tempo" eventually shifts its aims, unfolding into a more uplifting affair—one where bubbly melodies, reversed strings, and choice vocal samples help reshape the tune into a more heavenly endeavor. The pair's Swim Team LP (its first in over three years) is set to see an official release on October 28. 

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Download: Dr. Nol "Blue Box"

Dublin-based beatmaker Cignol has taken to his Dr. Nol alias to drop Ear Music Vol. 1, a collection of "retro-acid and Italo-influenced hardware jams." Here we have "Blue Box," one of Ear Music's more driving affairs which stacks space-age chords and an array of filter-tweaked synth melodies atop a steady Italo beat, adding layers of classic-sounding percussion throughout the course of the track's nearly five-minute run. The Irish producer's seven-tack Ear Music Vol. 1 outing can currently be grabbed as a name-your-price download over on Bandcamp

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Download: Evan Jones "Good Grief"

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This warped slice of soul-washed house comes from Evan Jones, a producer currently living and studying in London and who—we're told—has released music under a variety of aliases over the years. "Good Grief" is one of a handful of tracks Jones pieced together over the summer, and from the sound of this particular tune, it certainly seems like it was time well spent. At its core, "Good Grief" is a shuffling house number fueled by a loop of murky piano chords. Still, it is really what happens above the buried sample that makes "Good Grief" a captivating listen, as an innumerable collection of gritty textures and loosely manipulated FX are strewn across the track's surface, shifting this one from a jazzy, low-swung house track into something enjoyably a bit more left of center. 

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