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Download: Pink Priest "Tell Me Something Awesome Before I Go to Sleep (Balam Acab Remix)"

Recently featured Bubblin' artist Balam Acab (pictured above) is a little less than two months from dropping his debut EP, See Birds, on the brand-new, 20 Jazz Funk Greats-affiliated Tri Angle label. Before we start going ga-ga over the shadowy tunes to be heard on that release, we're going to get lost in the hypnotic textures of producer Alec Koone's remix of this Pink Priest track, "Tell Me Something Awesome Before I Go to Sleep." Slowly, Acab's remix grows in intensity—if you can call it that—with synth and vocal loops climbing up to the forefront, but quickly dissipating soon after. It's reminiscent of the trademark interludes scattered throughout Boards of Canada's albums, but presented instead as a fully realized song and not the middle-place between tracks. The See Birds EP is out on 12" and digital formats August 16. 

Average: 8.1 (23 votes)

Download: 8Bitch "G41 (Rustie Remix)"

Rustie's remix of "G41," the new single by UK producer 8Bitch, starts off with very little fanfare. A booming kick and loud-cracking snare work out a beat over some slowly oscillating sound effects and subtle synth tones for almost a minute before the initial bass synth chimes in. It all paves the way for the flourish of crystalline melodies and rhythmic space-noise elements to take the spotlight moments later. You couldn't really call this club-ready, even if the beat does knock, and there's really no hook to hum along to. Still, Rustie (pictured above) keeps his remix interesting by subverting tendencies to make the track overtly accessible, and instead relying on his penchant for making uniquely danceable, wonky tunes. 

Average: 7.3 (56 votes)

Download: Alexis "Lonely Sea"

Oakland-based vocalist Alexis Blair Penney (or just Alexis) teamed up with Nick Weiss of Bubblin' production duo Teengirl Fantasy for this classically minded house ballad. "Lonely Sea" focuses on a few strong points: a catchy synth loop, a bulbous bass rhythm, a simple disco-house beat, and an intimate vocal performance—all filtered through '90s-dance sensibilities. It's a welcoming and immediately lovable tune, so much so that once its three minutes are up, you're likely to find yourself scrolling the web in hopes of finding the extended mix. (via FADER via Big Stereo

Average: 8.1 (33 votes)

Download: Teen Daze "Saviour"

We've posted a small handful of tunes from Canadian producer Teen Daze as of late, but this easily the most straightforward we've heard of his hazy, electronic pop tunes. Hell, you can even make out most of what dude is singing on "Saviour," as his soft voice reaches higher above the thick fog of melody floating over the top of this track. Even the production is a bit more pristine this time around; you can actually make out the shape of the bouncing bassline, the drum sounds have a high-enough frequency to stand apart from the rest of the production, and the layers of synths just sound a bit more crisp than before. If he follows the same trajectory, Teen Daze may eventually move himself from psuedo-chillwave territory into the realms harboring fellow '80s-philes like M83. (via Pitchfork

Average: 7.5 (22 votes)

Download: Gyptian "Hold Yuh (Major Lazer Remix)"

Gyptian's "Hold Yuh" is arguably the biggest dancehall tune of 2010, so the recent rash of reworks isn't exactly surprising. A few weeks back we posted a bumping tropical bass version courtesy of Los Rakas and Uproot Andy, and now we've got our mitts on this Major Lazer remix. It appears that Diplo and Switch have taken the song's infectious piano melodies and run them through the Robin S. "Show Me Love" machine. The result definitely skews toward the heyday of girls in bicycle shorts shaking it on MTV's The Grind, not that we're mad at that. Speaking of mad, Diplo was a little perturbed by our recent commentary on his collaboration with Tiësto. Can we just hug it out dude? Don't you see? We like you, we really like you! (via Pitchfork

Average: 8.2 (191 votes)

Download: Allez-Allez "Weird Science (Wesley Matsell Remix)"

Label: RVNG

London duo Allez-Allez are getting ready to release the Hideous Racket EP later this month, so they slid us this "Weird Science" remix as a little teaser. While the original version—the video for which stars the freakiest mannequins ever—is fueled by filtered guitar tones and pulsing keys over a slow-motion disco beat, Wesley Matsell takes things in an even spacier direction. One of the stable of melodically minded acts on James Holden's Border Community label, Matsell makes the melodies extra bright, leaning hard on some wonderfully warm, arpeggiating synths. It's a trippy journey we're more than happy to take. 

Average: 7.5 (41 votes)

Download: Splatinum "Vadonna's Magina"

Label: Bass Drop

Seattle duo Splatinum consists of a couple of goofballs (Andrew Luck and Adam Houghton) who love 8-bit sounds, big bass, and crunked-up vibes. As such, it's entirely fitting that the latest Splatinum EP is entitled Love for Those Hustlers. The six-track release is not only stuffed with bouncing blap, stinging synths, and loads of classic party raps, it's also available for free download. Despite its not-so-clever title, "Vadonna's Magina" won us over with its fuzzy low-end, sharp percussion, acid tweaks, and liberal use of Lil Jon vocal samples. 

Average: 7.3 (36 votes)

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