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Download: Pixelord "Oasis (Recue Remix)"

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In its original form, Pixelord's "Oasis" production leads off the Russian producer's recent Polygon Fane EP for Infinite Machine with a bit of back-and-forth, the tune switching off from being led by sprightly melodies to sections which dip down benath low-knocking sub-bass. On his remix, budding Finnish talent Recue fuses together the track's alternating parts, resulting in a rework that is slightly more brooding as it adds new layers of rattling percussion and laser-sharp synths which appear just slightly burnt at their edges. Ending with a barrage of stumbling drum patterns which become absorbed by a swell of buzzing chords, Recue's rework is a markedly more dramatic affair than Pixelord's own version of "Oasis," but also one which puts a welcome new spin on the former XLR8R podcast contributor's track. 

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Download: Djedjotronic "Traffic"

Label: Boysnoize

Back in August, Djedjotronic issued his Drum Program EP via the Boysnoize label, and now the seasoned DJ/producer is set to return to the imprint with Interstate 101, a "21-track salute to electro music." Incorporating a number of his own productions as well as those from The Hacker, Atom TM, Maelstrom, and others, the forthcoming mix album is said to represent—according to Djedjotronic himself—"a road trip through wild electronic territories with a detour into the techno mountains." Of the tracks included is the Berlin producer's own "Traffic," a full-bodied electro track which charges with a pulsing bassline that jumps just out ahead of the production's snapping drums and regular waves of space-age synth swells. Out on October 27 (in both mixed and unmixed form), Interstate 101 can be previewed after the jump, where we've also included the compilation's complete tracklist.  Read more » 

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Download: Lost Twin "Snake Snake"

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From the sound of "Snake Snake," Spanish beatmaker Lost Twin is taking no prisoners on The Mist, his upcoming LP for the fledgling Squaring the Circle imprint. An effort that seems to come together as quickly as it is gone, the two-plus-minute production is built solid, its clutch of disparate samples—repitched harp strums, foggy vocals, and a never-ending cycle of electronic bubbles can be heard throughout—gelling together atop the track's loose-knocking kicks and snares. Further enhanced by a slippery bassline and ever-increasing synth layers, "Snake Snake" serves an an intriguing preview to The Mist, which will land in vinyl form on November 3, with a digital release slated to follow a week after. In the meantime, "Snake Snake" can be grabbed below while the rest of Lost Twin's upcoming album can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Lowhitey "When You Have So Much Love to Give"

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Label: Hush Hush

Swells of heavenly chords, bell-like melodies, and field recordings of waves fill the first minute of "When You Have So Much Love to Give," the opening effort from Polish producer Wojciech Misiak's upcoming EP as Lowhitey. Set to lead off Misiak's seven-track outing for Seattle's Hush Hush label, the production presents detailed bits of sound design which are reshaped into precise rhythmic components that etch out a hesitant beat underneath a wide-spread smattering of blissful textures and intricate melodies. "When You Have So Much Love to Give" is set to appear alongside three other atmospheric Lowhitey compositions—as well as remixes from Hush Hush affiliates Chants, VVV, and The Phantom—when Misiak's Alone with My Thoughts EP sees its official release on November 17. 

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Download: DJAO "Foreign Heart"

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A core member of the Pacific NorthWest's Dropping Gems collective/label, Seattle beatmaker Alex Osuch (a.k.a. DJAO) is set to drop his self-titled debut LP via the outpost next week. After having shared a stream of piano-rich—and intriguingly titled—LP cut "Depressing Jog Ends Well" with the original announcement of his LP back in September, the cavernous "Foreign Heart" serves as our second taste of DJAO's upcoming full-length. An efficient production, "Foreign Heart" places sparse but precise rhythms beneath a bed of reversed chords and a mountain of wordless vocals, whose slow-morphing lines build and intersect at certain points, removing the focus from their individual notes and instead leaving the listener immersed in the mass of reverb-laden murmurs they create when combined together. "Foreign Heart" and 11 other DJAO productions are set to see their official release when DJAO drops in digital and cassette form on October 28. 

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Download: Rammsy "Crowded"

Today sees the release of Pegamentos Vol. 2, a collection of new tracks from artists affiliated with the Discos Pegaos label, based in Santiago, Chile. Pulled from the collection is this effort from Barcelona-based producer Rammsy, whose "Crowded" track joins others from Vaskular, Fantasna, Motivado, Dementira, and Alpha Stronggah on the record. A a dancefloor-rooted production, "Crowded" is led by innumerable layers of winding, space-age synth sequences which wrap around the track's steady four-on-the-floor. Further living up to its title, "Crowded" sees Rammsy slyly fit the sound of a distant crowd underneath the energetic production. The six-track Pegamentos Vol. 2 compilation is out now in both 12" vinyl and digital forms.  

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Download: Wild Kid "Done Wrong"

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A New York transplant (by way of Providence, Rhode Island), Ryan Glassman is set to drop his debut EP as Wild Kid tomorrow via Druid Cloak's fast-growing Apothecary Compositions imprint. Entitled New Bethlehem, the five-track record will present three original compositions from Glassman alongside remixes from Slugabed and Celestial Trax. Here, we have Wild Kid's "Done Wrong" production, which begins with the strum of a distant guitar before unraveling a flurry of detailed rhythmic patterns intertwined with an immersive array of dense, swimming textures. The New Bethlehem EP sees its official release in cassette and digital form tomorrow, October 21; in the meantime, the rest of Wild Kid's debut EP can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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