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Download: Boy in a Movie "Hauntéd"

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Taking on a variety of influences—which, unsurprisingly, includes film scores—British producer Boy in a Movie crafts a shadowy, loosely flowing hip-hop beat in the cinematic "Hauntéd." Boy in a Movie retools elements of Beyoncé's "Haunted," and transforms its already dark and forlorn vocals into a deep, spectral haze of melancholy verses. Brightly cascading synths, reverb-heavy hi-hats, and fuzzy static sounds also contribute to the piece's voluminous sound and ghostly aesthetic. The producer's knack for building rich atmospheres definitely isn't limited to this one-off freebie, and can be heard throughout his new, self-released Feel EP, which can be streamed in full after the jump.  Read more » 

Average: 8 (45 votes)

Download: Branko "Broken (feat. JSTJR)"

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Label: Enchufada

Following last year's Time Out EP, Portugese DJ/producer Branko (a.k.a. one-fourth of Buraka Som Sistema) is set to drop his Control EP on April 7, treating us to the colorful "Broken (feat. JSTJR)" in the meantime. With help from Boston artist JSTJR, Branko opens his smooth production with a throbbing percussive beat, which eventually leads us into a set of cut-up vocals. Appropriately, "Broken" also weaves various broken, organic textures in and out of the more mechanical and glitchy FX that litter its soundscape. 

Average: 7.8 (59 votes)

Download: Rayko "Time & Space (Cosmic Club Version)"

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Label: Nang

Spanish space-disco stalwart Rayko will return to the Nang label with his Rebirth LP later this spring, and has shared the appropriately galactic cut "Time & Space (Cosmic Club Version)" as a preview of that forthcoming record. Moving at a steady pace, Rayko's dancefloor-ready tune weaves together an acid-touched bassline with bursting percussion. As "Time & Space (Cosmic Club Version)" builds momentum, ambient piano chords and ethereal synths make their way into the piece, shifting the atmosphere towards a more relaxed vibe in the astral soundscape. The rest of Rayko's retro-inspired Rebirth LP can be heard when it drops on May 12.  

Average: 7.2 (57 votes)

Download: Magic Fades & Soul Ipsum "Dumb Wrist .obj"

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Label: 1080p

Described as an "ultra late-night and streetlit collab," Portland producers Magic Fades' and Soul Ipsum's Zirconia Reign casette is set to touch down via Vancouver's 1080p label on April 8. In the meantime, the pair has provided us with "Dumb Wrist .obj," a brief taste of the brand of smoky, R&B-touched electronic sounds the two craft together. The track effortlessly rolls from the opening moments, its fuzzy arpeggio and sparse drums entering with a laid-back swing, and—after only a few bars—exiting with the same ease with which they first appeared.  

Average: 8 (60 votes)

Download: Maguett "Milk Shake"

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Label: Fuselab

Early next week, Moscow producer Dmitry Drozdov (a.k.a. Maguett) will issue a new album via Russian label Fuselab, a nine-song excursion into dark soundscapes and warped beats called Mediawind. Kicking off that release is "Milk Shake," an incandescent track that subsists largely on gelatinous pads, airy textures, and barely there drum patterns. Maguett's ideas seem simple enough, but it's the depth and nuances of his production that really make "Milk Shake" an engrossing listen. The rest of his Mediawind release will be out on April 3, but before then, its creepy, avant-garde teaser video can be seen after the jump.  Read more » 

Average: 8.1 (60 votes)

Download: Philip Grass "All I Need (Devonwho Remix)"

The original version of Philip Grass' intimate "All I Need" appeared on XLR8R last month, but now that the Portalnd outfit's Find EP has seen its full release via Dropping Gems, a new version of the tune has surfaced. Handed over to seasoned San Francisco producer Devonwho, "All I Need" comes imbued with a good dose of purple haze in its fresh form, with a West Coast swing and plenty of warbling synths added to Philip Grass' soft pianos and fuzzy textures. In other words, this rework is just the latest example of the kind of funk-filled goodness we've come to expect from Devonwho over the years. 

Average: 8.2 (90 votes)

Download: Steve Huerta "Off the Plate (Huerta's Wash & Dry Mix)"

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"Off the Plate," the title track from LA producer Steve Huerta's upcoming EP for London's Newington label, is a strong-armed piece of organ-fueled house. Featured here is Huerta's "Wash & Dry Mix" of the track, which finds the budding talent cooling things off a bit, reshaping the building blocks of the original version into a deep, rolling bit of late-night club fodder. Led by a series of airy chords and an especially active bassline, Huerta's "Wash & Dry Mix" serves as a nice accompaniment to the soulful, bottom-heavy jaunts that mark the man's forthcoming Off the Plate EP, set to see its official release on March 31.  

Average: 8.1 (77 votes)

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