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  • 06/10/2008

Yelle "Je Veux Te Voir (Club-Club Version)"

The 25-year-old Julie Budet comes from a sparsely populated patch of countryside in northwest France, but her alter ego, Yelle, has risen from the Parisian nightclubs into the florescent-lined world of pop music. "When I'm Yelle, I like to wear more colorful clothes and be sexier," she told XLR8R in Issue 118. Her first track, "Short Dick Cuizi," took a jab at TTC rapper Cuizinier and also caught the ear of Source Etc. With a production team of Tepr and Grand Marnier making bubbly electronic beats, Yelle released a debut full length, Pop-Up, for the label late last year. The group will be touring nonstop for the foreseeable future, playing dates across the EU and, later this summer, a festival in the pop-loving metropolis of Tokyo. Wyatt Williams

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