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Download: Kepikei "cola-light"

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Despite its somewhat playful-sounding title, "cola-light" is a dark, brooding production from Slovakian beatmaker—and head of the Sonic District label—Kepikei, who plans to issue his "Velour Workout" b/w "Soma" digital single early next month via the UK's Get Some imprint. Beginning with an ominous bass drone, the track gradually builds into a dense assemblage cold synth tones. "cola-light"'s rhythmic content isn't far behind, as airy hats eventually give way to a salvo of heavy kicks and snares, balanced by the presence of reverberated snaps and tasteful bits of a skittering 808 percussion. Officially out on December 8, Kepikei's forthcoming "Velour Workout" b/w "Soma" single can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Appian "Operator"

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Label: Fina

A burgeoning producer and Detroit native, Appian will land on London's Fina label next week with the four-track Chatter EP (which features a remix from fellow Detroit artist Monty Luke in its run). Pulled from the record's b-side is "Operator," an understated techno workout lined with the type of electro-soul one would expect to hear on a record produced in the Motor City. Spanning five minutes, the track sees Appian cleverly toying with his array of sonic elements, as a handful of sneaking synth sequences and pillowy chords bend around the production's snapping assemblage of drum-machine percussion. Officially out in vinyl form on November 24 (and digitally on December 8), the rest of Appian's Chatter EP can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Mehmet Aslan "New Africanism"

Yesterday saw the Huntleys + Palmers imprint add a new record to its catalog in the form of the Mechanical Turk EP from Mehmet Aslan, a producer who has landed a few tracks on the London outpost's Highlife sub-label in the past. Across its three tracks, the new record sees Aslan blending facets of traditional Turkish music with his penchant for house and techno workouts. Closing out the new release on its most hypnotic note is "New Africanism," a track which wraps lush string movements and a stumbling synth bassline around thumping kicks and clattering layers of unconventional percussion. Out now, the rest of Aslan's Mechanical Turk EP can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Tonik Ensemble "Until We Meet Again (Applescal Remix)"

Label: Atomnation

The Tonik Ensemble is in fact the brainchild of Anton Kaldal Ágústsson, an Icelandic producer and musician who enlists a number of collaborators to aid him in seeing through the completion of his hybrid electronic compositions. Today, Ágústsson and company's latest release has arrived via the Atomnation imprint, who has also invited a number of producers, including label head Applescal, to rework the Tonik Ensemble's new single, "Until We Meet Again." A spacious, moody endeavor in its original form, Applescal anchors the track's billowing textures with the thud of a kick drum and light layers of percussion, while also generously manipulating and rearranging the tune's vocals and placing the focus of the rework on a series of tenderly melodic synthlines. Applescal's remix of "Until We Meet Again" can be downloaded below, and the rest of the Tonik Ensemble's new single can be streamed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Real Cosby "What It Feels"

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Label: Shoeboxx

Based in Denver, Colorado, the beat-focused Shoeboxx label plans to cap off its 2014 run with VOL.TWO, the second edition in the imprint's compilation series. Set to incorporate tracks from Monster Rally, A Sol Mechanic, Metome, Tapes, and many more, the label has passed along Real Cosby's contribution to the effort to serve as our first taste. Led by a slinking string of arpeggio melodies, the production utilizes a sharp series of slightly stuttered kicks, snares, and precisely tuned bits of percussion which cut through layers of warm, swelling chords, re-pitched vocals, and side-chained ambience. Real Cosby's "What It Feels" track can be downloaded below, while the full 27-track VOL.TWO compilation will be available as a free download on November 25.  

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Download: R.Seiliog "Mt. Essa"

Label: Turnstile

Early next month, Wales native Robin Edwards will issue his debut full-length as R.Seiliog via the Turnstile outpost. Titled In Hz, the eight-track effort is said to take shape as "an interconnected work of intricate drones, pulses, and Kosmische electronics," a description which fits the record's lead single, "Mt. Essa," quite well. Spanning four minutes, the production is led by a string of looping bell melodies which eventually become swallowed by enveloping layers of blissful drones and a seemingly limitless procession of glassy percussion. Set to open In Hz when the LP arrives on December 2, "Mt. Essa" can be grabbed below.  

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Download: Hackman "Carry On (Dub)"

First Listen
Label: 2020Vision

It's been almost a year since we last saw an official release from Hackman, the UK producer who has appeared on a number of labels over the past few years including Ramp/PTN, Greco Roman, Well Rounded, and Futureboogie. Now, Hackman is set to emerge for the first time on the 2020Vision label with the upcoming Carry On EP. Here, we have a dub version of the record's title track which peels back the original effort's light vocals, revealing the deep, slightly melancholic production which sits at the base of "Carry On." Led by a series of fluttering chords, Hackman's dub puts the tune's percussion front and center as low-reaching sub-bass slides below and ghostly melodic flourishes gradually fill the space above. Hackman's "Carry On," another original production, and a remix from Rampa are set to appear alongside this dub on the forthcoming Carry On EP, officially out via 2020Vision on November 24. 

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