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Download: Abel "Skipping Puddles (Lapalux Remix)"

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Label: Rebel

Released today by magazine-cum-label Rebel, "Skipping Puddles" is the brand-new single by a fresh producer from San Jose, CA, named Abel. His airy tune is paired with some equally soulful remixes by Essex beatmaker Lapalux (who just dropped his own EP on Pictures Music) and Brooklyn's Obey City to fill out the digital release, one of which we're offering here. Though all three tracks are excellent in their own ways, this rework by Lapalux stood out with its deft applications of the sampled vocal hook (the sadly sung "Girl, I've been watching you" is twisted into a number of forms), its dense, glittering atmosphere, and its potpourri of R&B-inspired synth riffs. It sounds sort of like a couple of our favorite Brainfeeder producers (like, say, Matthewdavid and Teebs) and some of our favorite post-dubsteppers (Mount Kimbie and early James Blake) were forced to collaborate on a three-minute flurry of musical ideas and genre experiments, which would be awesome. You can grab the rest of the Skipping Puddles EP (picutred above) for free here

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Download: Planningtorock "Doorway (Creep Remix)"

Label: DFA

On May 17, the illustrious DFA label will release the brand-new LP from Germany's dramatic, leftfield electro-pop artist Planningtorock, W. The album's first single, "Doorway" (pictured above), will drop prior to that on April 28, and features remixes from the likes of Mt. Sims and Brooklyn dark-pop alchemists Creep, whose work is featured here. As one might expect from Lauren Flax and Lauren Dillard, the duo has dragged "Doorway" further into the depths of reverb-heavy electronics, but also highlights the rework with brighter touches of melody from string instruments and other sparkling sounds sampled from Planningtorock's original track. In the end, Creep's remix actually sounds less ominous than its predecessor, which is quite refreshing to hear from one of the earliest proponents of witch house. (via FADER

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Download: Damu "Kula Cola"

If you haven't noticed already, Manchester's grime-lovin' bass enthusiast Damu was featured in our Bubblin' section just this past Monday. A couple of days later, the up-and-coming producer has decided to give away a free download of the effervescent "Kula Cola" on his SoundCloud. His turbo-charged jam jumps and skitters about with old-school breaks and bubbly 8-bit synths over the top of gelatinous basslines and percolating drum-machine rhythms—making for a tune that'll shake you up and make you explode onto the dancefloor before its four minutes are through. 

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Download: DJ Negro "Sabor a Gaita"

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The seventh proper release to come from the Latin-loving dance label Bersa Discos (an imprint co-owned by XLR8R's Shawn Reynaldo) is a split 12" featuring Buenos Aires producer DJ Negro and Montreal reggaeton experimentalist El Nosotros. Here, we have one of the tracks from the former's contribution, the crushing electronic cumbia of "Sabor a Gaita." DJ Negro's slow-grooving production is big in all senses of the word; its punchy bass and beats are wide and bulbous, its energetic accordion melody reaches high for the rafters, and despite only clocking in around three and a half minutes, the track feels like a lengthy journey through tropical dancefloor sounds. This reinvigorated version of Andres Landero's vintage "Sabor a Gaita" is just one fine example of the different kinds of next-level Latin beats featured on the limited-edition Bersa Discos #7, which you can preview and order your own copy of here

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Download: Sister Crayon "Anti-Psalm (Strangeloop Remix)"

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Here, we have a spectral remix by Strangeloop (pictured above), one of Brainfeeder's talented LA-based sample wranglers, for Sacramento band Sister Crayon's experimental indie-pop number "Anti-Psalm." Replacing singer Terra Lopez's vocals with the breathy croon of friend Vanessa Fernandez, the SoCal producer crafts a striking beatscape that leans heavily on swirling ambiance and driving, handcrafted rhythms. It's moody without being sullen, soulful without being overzealous, and strikes a fine balance between Sister Crayon's pop-influenced original and Strangeloop's own beat-related proclivities. You can find "Anti-Psalm" on the NorCal band's new album, Bellow, which is out now via Manimal Vinyl

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Download: ANR "Big Problem (Sumsun Remix)"

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Miami synth-pop duo ANR released its latest full-length, Stay Kids, last month via the local Ten Thousand Islands imprint, and now, we're treated to this nebulous remix from the Leaving Records acolytes and fellow Flordia residents in Sumsun (pictured above). Amidst a thick wash of wavy bass frequencies and overwhelming atmospheric haze, samples of the vocal hook from "Big Problem" resonate from afar, and are paired with simple drum-machine patterns and eerie synth tones. Sumsun's version maintains some of the ominous vibe of the original, but evens out the horror film-soundtrack kitsch of ANR's song with more esoteric sounds. You can get your fill of the original track, and watch the slasher flick of a music video for "Big Problem" below.  Read more » 

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Download: Dubbel Dutch "Fem Pressure"

Label: Dutty Artz

We found out just last week that Austin's Dubbel Dutch had a five-track white-label 12" coming out today (April 12) via Dutty Artz. Now that the official release date has arrived, the internet is treated to one of those hyped-up tunes courtesy of the Brooklyn-based label, the sparse "Fem Pressure." With only a kick, snare, and some subtle percussion sounds, Dubbel Dutch creates the buoyant riddim that carries his production—adding just a small number of understated melodic elements and brief sound effects to finish off his tasteful club jam. If you still need more free music from the Texan tunesmith, grab his remix of "Bullacake" by bassline producer Dexplicit here, and stream the rest of the Dutty Artz white-label record below.  Read more » 

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