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Download: Com Truise "Polyhurt"

Label: Ghostly

At the beginning of February, we told you about the forthcoming full-length album by the sci-fi-lovin' bedroom producer known as Com Truise, called Galactic Melt. Still a ways off from seeing that record, we're going to be treated to the three-song Fairlight EP on May 3, courtesy of releasing label Ghostly. None of those homegrown, electro-tinged tunes come from Truise's aforementioned debut LP, and yet they do trick of tiding us over until it arrives. Take the hyper-compressed "Polyhurt," where '80s-inspired sonic motifs are infused with fresh compositional ideas and a reinvigorated soul, one that emanates as much heartache as neon glow. It'll certainly be enough to satiate our nostalgic urges until Com Truise unveils Galactic Melt on July 5. 

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Download: Purity Ring "Ungirthed (Sun Glitters Remix)"

First Listen

London blog-cum-label Transparent recently dropped its 27th release, a two-song, limited-edition 7" by Canadian outfit Purity Ring. That record's a-side is remixed here by Luxembourg producer Sun Glitters (who you may remember him from our post earlier this week, and is pictured above), who cuts up "Ungirthed" into manageable pieces of vocal hooks, synth melodies, and atmospheric textures, rearranging it all into a somber soundscape that swells and wavers underneath his slow, smashing beat. Even though everything is obviously chopped into oblivion on this production, the pop-leaning mood of Purity Ring's original song remains intact—giving Sun Glitter's remix the feel of a sort of 'alternate version' rather than the kinds of more drastic reimaginings we're used to. 

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Download: Kenton Slash Demon "Daemon (Axel Boman Epic Remix)"

Label: Tartelet

Once again, Danish distributor of delectable dance tunes Tartelet will drop a release from Copenhagen production duo Kenton Slash Demon, the third installment of its "Schwarzschild Solution" trilogy, called Daemon. The EP features one original production from the outfit and two remixes by Stockholm-based DJ/producer Axel Boman, a "Dub" version and a vinyl-exclusive "Epic" remix, the latter of which we have for you here. The Swedish artist elongates Kenton Slash Demon's original jam into a darker, more fidgety slow-burner that builds ever so gradually into a flourish of pulsing dance rhythms, hypnotic melodies, and repetitious vocoder hooks. It's certainly no stretch for Boman to call his remix epic. You can check out the video for the original "Daemon" after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: The Blessings "Real Guns"

First Listen
Label: LuckyMe

The two fellas behind Scotland's The Blessings, Dominic Flannigan and Martyn Flyn, just sent over this fresh cut taken from a forthcoming EP scheduled for release via their home label, LuckyMe. "Real Guns" is a booming, high-energy track that finds the duo juggling a load of club-ready sonics of the grittier kind to work out a hyped-up groove. Swelling synth riffs, neck-snapping dance rhythms, and wriggling bass frequencies mash together with an array of vocal, brass, and percussion samples to give The Blessings' tune its unique ghetto-rave swagger. We suggest keeping an eye out for the rest of the EP when it drops later this year. 

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Download: Grown Folk "Steady Moving (LOL Boys VIP Re-Edit)"

Next month, Australian house label Templar Sound will drop a new EP from Grown Folk (pictured above), a Montreal production duo making "house music for the new decade." Although this edit of the outfit's "Steady Moving" tune by half-Canadian brethren LOL Boys isn't on the six-track City Wind EP, it certainly fits well next to the kinds of futuristic dance music that record does feature, save the Damu and Dubbel Dutch remixes that we haven't even heard yet (though we're sure those will be great, too). LOL Boys' edit is also one of the pair's mellowest tunes to date, as the producers seem to have exchanged their fiery, tropically inclined club-tune palette for something a bit deeper that relies more on smooth synth pads, quietly delayed vocal samples, and hypnotic dancefloor rhythms that settle into you instead of smashing on top of you. You can compare "Steady Moving (LOL Boys VIP Re-Edit)" to the rest of Grown Folk's upcoming release here

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Download: Magic Panda "Dream Theory"

Label: Maripoza

According to the press release for the new two-song release by Norwich producer Magic Panda, The Glass Mountains EP (pictured above), his dreamy electronic music has been seven years in the making, only crystalizing into its finished state around January 2010 when he decided to take it out of the studio and onto the stage. That being said, we can excuse 29-year-old Jamie Robson's 'Panda' moniker, and also the sonic similarities he shares with another UK-based Panda on the bubbly "Dream Theory." The bounty of slightly tweaked sounds that make up the melodic portion of Magic Panda's upbeat track float and flitter throughout the ambient soundscape he's crafted here, and are all driven by a quick-pulsing dance rhythm from start to finish. Like we said before, there are certainly elements reminiscent of Gold Panda on "Dream Theory," but Robson brings a somewhat more organic, almost playful approach to the ambient techno sound, which helps set him apart. 

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Download: Mountains "Thousand Square"

The long-standing duo of Brendon Anderegg and Koen Holtkamp, collectively known as Mountains, has a new LP, Air Museum (artwork above), on its way and has passed along this track as a preview of the forthcoming full-length. "Thousand Square" finds the duo exploring the familiar territory of sparkling ambiance with a host of intricate synth tones and manipulated field recordings. Beginning simply with a pulsating note, the pair carefully introduces new elements that serve to expand the track's humble beginnings into ever-growing sonic depths. Where less-seasoned creators of meandering soundscapes might overload the listener, Anderegg and Holtkamp seem to be able to delicately pile sound source upon sound source without disturbing the calming balance a track like "Thousand Square" evokes in its listeners. Surely Mountains will have many more similarly enriched aural landscapes for us to explore when Air Museum is released May 10. 

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