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Download: Secret School "Phantoms"

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Label: Hush Hush

Seattle's Hush Hush label (whose Decibel Festival showcase we highlighted in our recent review) will next release a self-titled EP from hometown producer Andrew Sutherland under his Secret School alias. To spread the word, the label has shared EP cut "Phantoms," a bliss-streaked production flush with emotional chords, echoed vocal drones, and grand, sweeping textures. Underneath all that, the track employs shuffling rhythms and light snare rolls, further giving the tune a relaxed, introspective feel. Secret School's forthcoming EP is set to land via Hush Hush on October 13; in the meantime, a teaser video for the record and the its full tracklist can be peeped after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Ultrademon "Where Do I Go"

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Label: Hyperboloid

Prolific Chicago producer Ultrademon will next land on the Moscow-based Hyperboloid label (helmed by recent XLR8R podcast contributor Pixelord) with the four-track The .XVX Files EP. Following closely behind the release of his Voidic Charms LP for his own Coral imprint, Ultrademon will close out his upcoming effort with "Where Do I Go," a laid-back outing which pairs deep 808 kicks with loose hats, miniature snaps, and an evolving series of sugary synth melodies. The Chicago talent's full The .XVX Files EP is set to land on Hyperboloid on October 9. 

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Download: Rawaat "Exp 2 (Imre Kiss Remix)"

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Earlier this year, the fast-growing Lobster Theremin label issued the Day Laborer EP from burgeoning Detroit artist Rawaat, a five-track effort which dealt in blurry tones and refracted grooves while also including a rework from Huerco S. Now, label mate Imre Kiss (who released his Raw Energy EP via Lobster Theremin in July and is pictured above) has been brought in to remix EP cut "Exp 2." The resulting rework finds the Budapest artist drawing out the dreamier side of Rawaat's original, burying the track's synth sequences and slow-shuffling rhythms beneath intensified layers of filtered chords and cloudy textures. 

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Download: Mast "Astral Projection"

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Label: Alpha Pup

LA beatmaker Mast is an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink kind of producer. On "Astral Projection," a cut from Omniverse: Verse 1 (the first in a series of EPs set to drop via Alpha Pup), Mast folds hyper-speed loops, skittering rhythms, bouncing keys, and a bevy of kaleidoscoping guitars into the track's run. Spanning five-minutes, the production doesn't seem to be on any exact path, rather, the track appears free to twist and turn at will, resulting in an effort that revels in its aimlessness, uncovering detailed nuances as it continually evolves and reshaps. "Astral Projection" is set to appear alongside five other original productions when Mast's Omniverse: Verse 1 EP sees its official release tomorrow. 

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Download: Sirma "Trigger (Blue Hawaii Remix)"

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Earlier this month, Brooklyn-via-Istanbul artist Sirma (pictured above) issued her solo debut, the four-track Instincts EP, which the classical pianist/jazz vocalist-turned-adventurous pop singer offered for free download. In addition, Sirma has commissioned a number of remixes to accompany her EP, including this one from equally adventurous Canadian pair Blue Hawaii, who successfully wrangle in the larger-than-life sonics of Sirma's "Trigger," reworking the song into a much more intimate affair streaked with water-logged chords and kept moving by its sharp percussive pulses.  

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Download: Nuage "Wandering Waves"

Label: Translation

On his Prints of You LP, St. Petersburg-based producer Nuage is said to explore a range of electronic styles—from the cooler ends of 120-plus bpm house to fast-paced, drum & bass-indebted fare. Featured here, "Wandering Waves" falls in the former category, finding Nuage crafting a piece of moody, deep-reaching house that comes peppered with tinkling keys, washy flutes, ghostly vocal samples, and the occasional—by design—rhythmic stutter. A track kept steady by its precise bassline and heavy snares, "Wandering Waves" joins 14 other Nuage originals on the Russian beatmaker's Prints of You LP, out today via DC label Translation. 

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Download: Helel Arc "Kami"

Label: Permalnk

Though he recently decided to begin operating under the name Crescent Bae, the Stateside producer formerly known as Helel Arc is one of 13 beatmakers to contribute to Opaq Glitter, the inaugural compilation from freshly launched French imprint Permalnk. Appearing alongside a number of adventurous electronic hybrids on the collection is Helel Arc's "Kami," a slithering beat which manages to marry together a number of frantic rhythmic elements with stoney, side-chained chords and freeform synth lines—all of which sits atop a bubbling cauldron of analog beeps and miniature digital glitches. Out now as a name-your-price download (as well as a "USB Bag with pure DIY random content") via Bandcamp, Permalnk's full Opaq Glitter compilation can be streamed after the jump.  Read more » 

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