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Download: James Brown "Get Up Offa That Thing (Bangana Remix)"

Bangana's Alf Tumble and Combo originally intended this remix of the Godfather of Soul to appear on a tribute compilation, but decided that releasing a bootleg version of it was an infinitely better idea. Good news for us, since the Swedish duo craft a disco-funk mix of "Get Up Offa That Thing" that not only does justice to JB's original, but also grooves hard enough to recall a totally sweet Major Swellings or Idjut Boys track. In fact, the vocal samples are so carefully chosen and bass is so bouncy and clean that one can easily imagine DJ Harvey rocking this joint towards the apex of the night, a compliment bestowed upon only the best edits. 

Average: 5.4 (16 votes)

Download: Toro Y Moi "Leave Everywhere"

Label: Carpark

Somewhere along the way of touring the world in support of his debut full-length, Causers of This, young music maker Chaz Bundick dropped the highly synthesized sounds that initially defined his Toro Y Moi project for something a bit more live and organic. On his new single, Bundick belts out some lyrics about heading home from what sounds like the middle of a barren tunnel, as simple guitar strums and drum beats fill the space around him. "Leave Everywhere" is a completely new sound for Toro Y Moi, and may simultaneously win and lose Bundick a handful of fans amidst the transformation. (via Gorilla vs. Bear

Average: 6.5 (24 votes)

Download: Nguzunguzu "El Bebe Ambiente (Them Jeans Remix)"

Dim Mak resident DJ/producer Them Jeans pilfered the first few seconds from fellow LA residents Nguzunguzu's "El Bebe Ambiente"—taken from the duo's free self-titled EP—to use as the basis for this booming bootleg remix. It sounds like he only managed to grab the high-pitched vocal rhythm and maybe a few percussion sounds from the original track, but the rest of the sounds in Jason Stewart's remix—filtered synths, bouncing kicks and snares, and a '90s rave-inspired melody—could've just as easily come from Nguzunguzu's repertoire. You can go ahead and add this to the other list of awesome Nguzunguzu-related things going down, like their upcoming M.I.A. mixtape—comissioned by Ms. Arulpragasam herself—and their show this Saturday at San Francisco bass party Icee Hot

Average: 6.4 (17 votes)

Download: Ellen Allien "Sun the Rain (Edit)"

First Listen

German techno diva and Bpitch Control boss Ellen Allien has never been someone afraid to take chances, but we'd be lying if we said that we expected something like "Rain the Sun." Taken from her freshly released album, Dust, the song finds Allien's processed vocals hazily floating over what sounds like dance-friendly indie pop. It's not bad—it's just that the Interpol-esque guitar riffs and general Metric-y vibe sound a lot more like Bowery Ballroom than Berghain. We'll leave it up to you to decide whether or not that's a good thing. 

Average: 7.4 (74 votes)

Download: Bot'Ox "Overdrive (Morgan Geist Remix)"

Environ label head, Metro Area member, and NY dance music icon Morgan Geist put his hand to this track from the auto- and Italo-obsessed production duo (Cosmo Vitelli and buddy Julien Briffaz, check out our recent profile on the duo here). Geist's remix of "Overdrive" sounds as if it emanates from a bunker on the Moon; a motorik bass line holds together icy synth tones and a propulsive drum beat while we receive indecipherable noises transmitted from the depths of outer space. 

Average: 8 (35 votes)

Download: Expendable Youth "Cannibalistic (LOL Boys Remix)"

Earlier this week, the guys from Discobelle paused their blogging to bring an official, original compilation into the world. Turned On Vol.1 was curated by DJ Neoteric and features new tunes from the likes of Nadastrom, Brodinski, Radioclit, Crookers, and Schlachthofbronx alongside efforts from a grip of up-and-coming producers whose names we'll likely be repeating endlessly in the very near future. To help drum up some extra attention for the release, remixes of Expendable Youth's "Cannibalistic" were commissioned from the likes of Samo Soundboy—check that one out here—and Montreal/LA duo LOL Boys ("pictured" above). Slowing down the original version's tweaky electro, the LOL Boys layer its hyperactive synth riffs over a seasick tribal guarachero bassline and some galloping house beats, to glorious effect. 

Average: 7.5 (36 votes)

Download: Oval "Ah!"

During the 10 years that Markus Popp (a.k.a. Oval) has refrained from releasing any of his melodically experimental electronic tunes, it seems the producer has been quietly reformatting his approach. Ditching form for function, Popp used a $500 PC and some run-of-the-mill computer software to flesh out his weighty 15-track EP (!) and 70-track double-disc album (!!), scheduled for release in June and September, respectively. "Ah!" is the second track from the upcoming LP O, and it offers just the smallest taste of what to expect from Oval's over-sized project: plinking synths played by hand, impeccably programmed drum sounds, and lilting atmospherics rising and falling behind it all. 

Average: 8.3 (60 votes)

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