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Download: Juj "Memories "

One of the beat-making youngsters from the Shlohmo-led WEDIDIT collective, Juj, shared this short ditty on the crew's blog before this past weekend. Because of its brief length, "Memories" feels more like an interim tune than a fully developed track, but that doesn't mean it's not full of excellently sampled melodies, nod-worthy beat work, and enough atmosphere to lose yourself in, if only for two minutes. But Juj uses his time wisely, allowing each precious element its own moment to shine while constantly working them into a calming groove. 

Average: 8.3 (62 votes)

Download: Korallreven "The Truest Faith (CFCF Remix)"

Just this past Friday, we offered another remix of Swedish duo Korallreven, but after coming across this other hazy rework from CFCF (pictured above), we couldn't resist sharing just a bit more of the outfit's Balearic inclinations. The Canadian producer treats his remix of "The Truest Faith" to a large helping of dance-friendly rhythms and bouncing bass synths, but ditches the original's joyous melodies for a vibe far more appropriate for the deadpan crooning. Things do eventually pick up a bit, as CFCF introduces more and more percussive elements, upbeat piano stabs, and background vocal tracks, and slowly build into an understated climax wholly fitting for either artists' repertoire. (via Pitchfork

Average: 7.9 (25 votes)

Download: Black Milk "Welcome (Gotta Go)"

Black Milk set the bar somewhat high for himself when he decided to title his upcoming full-length Album of the Year, from which this track is taken. On "Welcome (Gotta Go)," the Detroit MC/producer delivers a synth-heavy piece of shuffling hip-hop beats full of his infectious flow and a small choir helping out in the background. We couldn't say it's necessarily 'best of' material, but if the rest of Black Milk's album follows suit, he may not disappoint on his claim after all. (via Pitchfork

Average: 7.6 (21 votes)

Download: Blackbird Blackbird "Hawaii"

The thing that makes chillwave such an easy genre to poke fun at (aside from the deplorable title, of course) is the ease and frequency with which these youngsters write, record, and share their music. But maybe that's its strong point, too; the songs you're hearing are born of a youthful exuberance that stems from the immediacy of their creation and unveiling. One such producer, San Francisco's Blackbird Blackbird is a high-school student named Mikey S, who's making electronic bedroom-pop that leans heavily on twinkling synth tones, patently reverb-laden coos, and simple, thumping dance beats. "Hawaii" is a fine example of the music maker's knack for catchy melodies and vocal hooks that speak directly to your uncynical, lighthearted inner teen. You can snag a whole lot more of Blackbird Blackbird's material here on his Tumblr page, and buy his new album Summer Heart here. (via Get Off the Coast

Average: 8.3 (43 votes)

Download: Tokimonsta, Lunice, and Swede:art "Alpenglow "


One of the female members of LA's beat scene, Tokimonsta paired up with Montreal's Lunice, and German producer Swede:art to present us with a fresh tune off of the Various Assets compilation, coming soon via Red Bull Music Academy. Their collaborative song, "Alpenglow," matches Lunice's crunchy beat with Swede:art's soulful key tickling and Toki's squelchy bass synth explorations—creating a shuffling, spacey R&B-flavored tune wholly unique from each producer's separate styles. It's something you can expect more of from the likes of James Pants, Katy B, Space Dimension Controller, Dâm-Funk, Hudson Mohawke, and many of the other producers involved with this year's RBMA in London when Various Assets is released July 19. 

Average: 7.8 (57 votes)

Download: Korallreven "Loved-Up (LOL Boys Remix)"

Production duo LOL Boys (pictured above) snagged the pieces of fellow two-piece Korallreven's hazy Balearic pop number "Loved-Up" and reformatted them into something a bit less subtle, rhythmically speaking, though as equally filled with delicate atmosphere. The bouncing beat and swirling melodies are plenty enjoyable, but it's the way LOL Boys toy with the dainty vocal track that really catches our attention. At first, the thin falsetto is chopped up and warped as a more percussive melody, which is matched equally by the beautifully sung lyrics, "I'm so loved up/I'm so scared," themselves soaked in dreamy reverb. 

Average: 7.8 (29 votes)

Download: DJ Nate "Make Em Run "

Label: Planet Mu

If you asked someone to describe what is needed to create a song, or asked them what elements music in general should consist of, you're likely to get a handful of long-winded responses that could be boiled down to two parts: rhythm and melody. Aside from, say, certain noise and experimental acts, it's a fair enough breakdown, but it makes us wonder where Chicago's juke/footwork scene fits in. Like with this track from DJ Nate's upcoming Hatas Our Motivation EP for Planet Mu, much of the genre isn't the least bit interested in discernible melodies (save for quickly pitch-shifted, atonal vocal samples), and much of the bass-centric rhythms involved are so all over the place that a groove can be difficult to find. Still, there's obviously no denying that this is music pure and simple; it just happens to be unlike anything else we've had the pleasure of putting our ears to. (via 20JFG

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