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Download: Kode9 "You Don't Wash (Martyn Remix)"

Label: !K7

Here, two dubstep juggernauts come together for a track of epic proportions. From his just-released mix album for !K7's DJ-KiCKS series, Kode9's "You Don't Wash" was turned over to Martyn (pictured above) for another forward-thinking take on the tune. Martyn heaped on some of his trademark tumbling percussive beats, warped vocal loops, and sub-rumbling bass melodies, along with a fresh addition to his repertoire: a melody from something that sounds like a synthetic violin or fiddle. His track grows steadily with intensity until its midpoint, where the beat drops out and makes way for the new synth sounds to find their legs and carry the song into its final half. 

Average: 7.5 (51 votes)

Download: Memory Tapes "Green Knight (Creep Remix)"

Another act from the burgeoning witch house scene, Brooklyn's Creep just finished up this rework of "Green Knight," from Memory Tapes' Seek Magic album. The song is transformed into something far more orchestral and pared-down by Creep's two members, who inject their own ominous electronic hums and plinking, reverberated melodies into the mix. There have certainly been a lot of remixes done for Memory Tapes since his debut dropped last year, yet this latest from Creep stands high above many of them thanks to its simultaneous dedication to the original sound and fresh ideas. (via Gorilla vs. Bear

Average: 7.2 (24 votes)

Download: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs "Move On"

If you're going to go about slanging tracks under the name Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, you had better make sure those jams are legit. Really though, if it wasn't for the high caliber of tunes coming from the young UK producer, the whole neon-colored dino motif and hopelessly unbearable moniker would be utterly laughable. But it's tracks like the shining "Move On" that help transform something ridiculous into something uninhibitedly joyous and brilliant. Rhythmic bass rumblings, indiscernible vocal blips, and tropically influenced future-garage beats all create the backbone of this tune, allowing bright synth stabs, uplifting melodies, and all sorts of sonic textures to have their way with your eardrums. File this one under the 'poorly named artists with great music' category. (via FADER

Average: 7.7 (36 votes)

Download: Salem "King Night"


Kanye West is going to be kicking himself. One day, not far from now, someone from his entourage will lean over to him, and say, "Kanye, man, we just got this disc of these three white kids from Michigan making crazy weird beats. Shit is even sadder and more ominous than anything you've done." Perplexed at the claim, Kanye will ask to hear said beats, and his friend will pop in Salem's debut album, King Night. After the intro for "King Night," the title track's massive, blown-out bass synth, cinematic choir vocals, and crunk-inspired hip-hop beat will drop. About three minutes later, when the song ends, Kanye will look to his friend with a single tear slowly rolling out from underneath his sunglasses, and say, "Damn, those beats are dope." King Night will be released September 28 via IAMSOUND. (via Stereogum

Average: 8.1 (71 votes)

Download: Leech "I Can't Kick This Feelin' (Moodymann Cover)"

Ecstasy, a blog ran by Honey Owens and her Miracles Club cohorts, just posted this cover of Moodymann's "I Can't Kick This Feelin When it Hits" by blog contributor Leech. The producer was inspired to do his own take on the track after checking out a reggae cover of the song Moodymann's original was built from, Chic's "I Want Your Love." Leech's cover of the expansive old-school techno track is a dubby affair, as it borrows its samples from that reggae version of "I Want Your Love," but stays true to the original's deep grooves, funky bass work, and slow-burning dancefloor vibe. 

Average: 8 (43 votes)

Download: E.Super "Embedded in Me"

E.Super have previously crafted beats backing the likes of Busdriver, Nocando, and Oh No, but now the production crew is poised to drop its own style into the massive pool of SoCal's beat scene. If this track off the group's forthcoming Side A EP is any indication, that style includes a bit of Daft Punk's vocoder-heavy pop sensibilities, lots of guitars, plenty of sparkling synths, and a breakbeat that just won't quit. "Embedded in Me" isn't quite what you'd expect to hear behind the lyrical prowess of someone like Busdriver, but it's sure to find some fans if they're looking for a carefree dance tune with a vocal hook that'll be stuck in your head for days. The Side A EP is out July 6. 

Average: 8.4 (65 votes)

Download: Blessure Grave "Stranger in the House (Hours of Worship Remix) "

Label: Mishka

San Diego's Blessure Grave (pictured above) is, essentially, a duo not much different from shadowy synth-toting acts like, say, Cold Cave, except its music sounds as if it was written and recorded in an actual cave. Hours of Worship is a production duo based in NY that makes music that sounds like it emanates from a different kind of hole—a K-hole, to be specific. (Cue rimshot.) The two entities paired up on this remix, and surprisingly, Hours of Worship's rework of the barren darkwave song, "Stranger in the House," is sort of pretty, albeit in an overtly "goth" way. Singer T. Grave's baritone is set amongst hypnotically jangling samples, ominous synth tones, and a pulsing dance beat, and comes and goes as it pleases while the other elements churn out six-plus minutes of entrancing rhythms and melodies. And yet despite the efforts to remain sullen and reserved, the track has an underlying hopefulness to it, and could just as easily power dancefloors belonging to either of the artists involved. (via Chronic Youth

Average: 6.7 (24 votes)

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