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Download: Lance Neptune "Pink Violet"

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On "Pink Violet," Maryland-based producer Lance Neptune invites listeners to take a dip in a sea of starry eyed textures and loose-shuffling percussion. A swirling mass from start to finish, the track is pleasantly aimless, the cool swing of its relaxed shakers and hand drums joined by orbits of delay-strewn synths and reverb-washed melodies. "Pink Violet" is set to joined by a number of other original productions fro the budding artist when Lance Neptune's Synthesis LP officially touches down on August 18. 

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Download: Premiesku "Noococ"

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Label: Vakant

The Premiesku duo dropped its Pe Dos EP earlier this week, a five-track effort which features three precise house constructions from the pair alongside remixes by Avatism and Sons of Tiki. "Noococ" is one the of the EP's original tracks, and it finds Premiesku piecing together a hypnotic procession of star-gazing synths and restless percussion, which gently shuffle across the effort's methodical seven-minute run. Out in vinyl form now and set to see a digital release on August 11, the rest of the Premiesku duo's Pe Dos EP can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Cvsper "Fairies"

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Cvsper is a 21-year-old producer from Santiago, Chile who has begun to build a catalog of original productions over the past two years. The latest effort from the budding South American talent is "Fairies," an airy track which places a lightly side-chained pads over a percussive house beat. Where the driving track really shines, is in its melodic content—light bell lines crisp synth melodies and gather around chopped vocal samples, building on top of each other more and more as the sun-washed "Fairies" steadily builds towards its heavenly climax. 

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Download: Deft "One Eye Open"

For most of 2014, London producer Deft has continued to quietly build up his impressive discography, which has shown increasingly the artist to be capable of proficiently crafting a wide range of UK club sounds. Most recently, Deft let loose Before Vol. 2, a collection of demos and b-sides that—for one reason or another—never found their way to an official release. As "One Eye Open" proves though, this is not for lack of quality; the soul-scorched beat is a fine example of the producer's talents, one that streaks floating chords and wordless vocals atop a detailed set of percussion, led by the precise bite of tuned snaps and miniature claps. Out now, Deft's full Before Vol. 2 can be streamed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Lee Carvallo "So High"

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Label: Heka Trax

Glasgow's Nightwave is currently in the process of building the catalog of her own Heka Trax imprint, and to that point, has launched a summer-long series of free EPs which the label will be giving away over the coming weeks. The first such collection comes from Canadian newcomer Lee Carvallo, whose Summer Lovin' EP offers four smoothed-over R&B refixes. "So High" serves as our first taste of Carvallo's efforts, placing bulbous kicks and skittering layers of bubbly percussion beneath a series of piano-rich samples. The resulting production sounds primed to rattle some trunks, as does the rest of Carvallo's Summer Lovin' EP, which can be streamed and downloaded for free after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: HolloH "Laying Awake"

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Label: Rare Beef

Hailing from Toronto, Nicholas Spencer and Parker Nowlan (a.k.a. HolloH) are set to release a self-titled EP via the Rare Beef label next week. Here we have "Laying Awake," a polshed production from the HolloH EP which serves as its most house-minded effort. Spanning over four minutes, the tune at first builds with layers of slow, moody chords and light melodic adornments, until—just after the one-minute mark—the pair lays into a low-reaching dancefloor stomp, from which it doesn't take its sights off for the rest of the track's heavy-handed run. HolloH's six-track self-titled EP is slated to arrive in full on August 5. 

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Download: Liar "Key Party (Spurz 'Key Bump' Edit)"

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Romanian producer Liar is next up to appear on Canadian label Infinite Machine's growing catalog, who has dropped notable EPs from recent XLR8R podcast contributor Pixelord and East London duo Wallwork & RZR in the past few weeks. With his Scorpio EP set to land via the label August 18, Liar has passed along this remix of EP cut "Key Party" from Canadian talent Spurz. On it, Spurz reshapes the track into an even more heavy-handed club affair, one where machine-made percussion rattles and rolls underneath a focused assemblage of blistering synths. Before Liar's full Scorpio EP sees its official release, the record is available to preview after the jump.  Read more » 

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