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Download: Chromeo "Don't Turn the Lights On (Aeroplane Remix)"

Label: Atlantic/Vice

We recently posted the video for Chromeo's latest single, "Don't Turn the Lights On," and while the eye-popping (literally) clip struck us as a little creepy, this Aeroplane remix of the song might be best described as a little sleazy, as the Belgian producer takes the original version's Hall-and-Oates-esque synth-funk and stretches it out over a bouncing disco beat. It's the kind of music one would expect to hear in an episode of Miami Vice when Crockett & Tubbs have to bust some dealers at a nightclub. (That's a good thing, in case you're wondering.) Aeroplane's debut album, We Can't Fly, will be released in September, and in the meantime, he's put together a free DJ mix for public consumption. As for Chromeo, the duo's forthcoming full-length, Business Casual, will also see the light of day in September, but you can pre-order the album here

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Download: How to Dress Well "Take It On"

Exactly when did every hipster in the world figure out that R&B was cool? We're not complaining about the music being turned out by people like Tom Krell (a.k.a. How to Dress Well), but it is kind of funny to see every kid with an asymmetrical haircut and cutoffs lose their shit over this the same way they would if The Arcade Fire and The xx teamed up to make an album of Arthur Russell covers. On a serious note, "Take It On" is a blissfully ghostly slice of R&B, which almost sounds like a lo-fi take on a Sade track. It's taken from a 7" single that's dropping this month, but Krell's debut full-length album, Love Remains, will be released September 21 on the Lefse label. (via FADER

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Download: Kyla "Don't Play With My Heart (Roska Remix)"

Like everyone else who heard it, we LOVED the Crazy Cousinz remix of Kyla's "Do You Mind?" when it dropped in 2008. (To be honest, we're still loving that track.) Ever since then, we've been waiting for the UK pop diva to come up with something similarly awesome. Her latest single, "Don't Play With My Heart," has its moments—peep the video here—but it's not really a funky track. But when we spotted this Roska remix of the song over at FACT yesterday, our mouths definitely began salivating a bit. Unfortunately, Roska's re-work doesn't quite reach the heights we were hoping for, but it does swap out the original's glossy hip-hop/R&B production for his usual assortment of stripped-down kicks and snares. He also employs a sparse little synth melody that quickly installed itself in our heads, so even though this tune may not qualify as an instant classic, it's certainly good enough to tide us over for a few days. 

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Download: Erick Rincón "Amantes Guaracheros"

Label: 3Ball MTY

The sound of tribal guarachero has been percolating across the internet for awhile now, but, for the most part, 'official' releases have been hard to come by. The remix-heavy genre, noted for its unique Latin percussion, loping house beat, and squealing synth melodies, is dominated by young bedroom producers in Mexico, most of whom simply make tracks, post them online—usually on rudimentary and hard-to-navigate Spanish language blogs—and allow the natural web diffusion process to take place. That might change after today, as Monterrey's teenage 3Ball MTY crew, with a little help from Toy Selectah, has released 3BALLMTY!, a free EP with five tracks of tribal guarachero goodness. Better yet, the guys have actually elected to spread the word about it. The entire EP is available for download here, but we've gone ahead and re-hosted "Amantes Guarachero" from 16-year-old Erick Rincón. (Other 3Ball members include Sheeqo Beat and DJ Otto, both age 18.) Like many tribal tunes, "Amantes Guarachero" (translation: Guarachero Lovers) is a bit manic, but its hyperactive, borderline-trance melody and incessant drums are sure to get folks moving, regardless of what side of the border they happen to be on.  

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Download: The Qemists feat. Jenna G "Hurt Less (Hot City's Mega Vocal Bang)"

Label: Ninja Tune

Brighton trio The Qemists (pictured above) are getting ready to release their sophomore album, Spirit in the System, next week, but in the meantime they've been showering listeners with new singles featuring their oft-noisy, high-octane take on electronic music. "Hurt Less" originally surfaced last month, but now Ninja Tune has passed along this remix from bass-loving fellow Brit Hot City. The mysterious young producer turns up the tempo and thoroughly dirties up the track with galloping garage beats and potent synth stabs. He also manages to chop Jenna G's vocals into a stuttering delight while keeping just enough of her diva turns intact. 

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Download: Matthew Dear "Little People (Black City)"

Label: Ghostly

Matthew Dear's new album Black City is already available digitally and via custom-made totem, but old-fashioned types that want its contents on CD or vinyl will have to wait until the 'official' release date on August 17. "Little People (Black City)" is the closest thing the record has to a title track, and it finds Dear stretching his legs over the course of nine-plus minutes. We first spotted the track over at Pitchfork, who called out the vocal similarities to both David Bowie and Yello, and that's pretty right on. But it's also worth noting that even though Dear's vocals take center stage over the song's relatively laid-back techno skeleton, "Little People (Black City)" really works as a dance cut, albeit a bit of a spooky, leftfield one. 

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Download: Dream Boat "oOchre"


While trawling the web today, we came across a new blog-spawned genre name: screwgaze. Yes, it's obviously abhorrent, but it's only marginally worse than the other meaningless names people are tossing around, like witch house and drag. Yet ridiculous labels aside, something is clearly afoot, as the tide of bedroom producers has gone dark and a new sound is emerging. Instead of the cheery summer vibes explored by their chillwave—another genre title that still makes us cringe—counterparts, this new crop has a taste for the occult and loves screwing its melodies and vocals into fuzzy oblivion. Dream Boat is the latest player in the saga, and although the project is based in Providence, it's clearly in touch with similar-minded acts from around the continent, as "oOchre" is actually a cover of the song "No Summr4U" by San Francisco's oOoOO. The track is taken from Dream Boat's new EP, Fevers, which appears to have been released on cassette and is also available for free download (or purchase, for the kind-hearted) here

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