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Download: Shit Robot "I Found Love (TBD Remix)"

Label: DFA

It's quite surprising that Shit Robot, the veteran, Irish-born DFA producer, hasn't yet released his first full-length, but we're getting a slight taste of what to expect of From the Cradle to the Rave—which boasts contributions from James Murphy, Juan MacLean, Ian Svenonious, and Alexis Taylor, among others—months beforehand thanks to this remix by TBD. Production partners Lee Douglas and Justin Vandervolgen chop and screw the vocal track from "I Found Love" into a mess of baritone half-syllables that work impeccably with the funky basslines, arpeggiated synth melodies, and pulsing house beats that fill the rest of their remix. If Shit Robot's forthcoming album is even half this spacey and tastefully energetic, we'll all be in for a pleasant surprise come September 21. 

Average: 5.1 (19 votes)

Download: Toddla T "Sky Surfing feat. Wayne Marshall (Douster Remix)"

Label: Ninja Tune

The latest single from young prodigious producer Toddla T, "Sky Surfing," is treated to a relatively simplified remix from ZZK compatriot Douster. The French producer pared down the insanity of Toddla's original for something more focused on rumbling bass frequencies, simple percussive beats, minimal synth melodies, and enough vocal tweaks to keep the energy as high as Wayne Marshall's lyrical content. As the song moves along, more buzzing sounds are heaped into the mix, eventually raising the levels of hyperactivity near the craziness of Toddla's single without treading on familiar ground. (via Mad Decent

Average: 6.2 (20 votes)

Download: Maddslinky "Ruled By Your Motions"

First Listen

From venerable dubstep progenitor Zed Bias comes this new tune produced under his Maddslinky moniker. The smooth shuffle of "Ruled By Your Motions" is taken from the forthcoming Maddslinky album for Tru Thoughts, entitled Make a Change. It starts out innocently enough: swirls of ambient noise and processed field recordings undulate beneath sparse, pattering hi-hats while a subtle melody slowly rises to the surface, bringing a skittering beat with it. Eventually, Maddslinky introduces his fat bassline into the mix, which quite effortlessly holds the entire production together. It's as stellar a track as one would expect from someone with a rap sheet like Bias', and certainly leads us to believe more wonderful things will be heard when Make a Change is released this October. 

Average: 8.2 (50 votes)

Download: Sabo "Hey Hey Moombahton"

Seems like Dave Nada isn't the only one hard at work trying to spread the good word of his burgeoning moombahton sound. NY-based DJ/producer Sabo took apart last year's break-out house track, Dennis Ferrer's "Hey Hey," and gave it the tropical tweaks, bouncing rhythms, and noisy bits necessary to transform the number into a moombahton giant. On Sabo's SoundCloud page, the tunesmith remarks, "So many house heads are gonna hate me for this one, but fuck it, I'm having mad fun making these." We're pretty sure that's the attitude everyone should take when making music. 

Average: 7.2 (31 votes)

Download: Sepalcure "Feeling That I Know So Well"

Label: Hotflush

You've got to be a bit excited for Hotflush. Between the recent releases of Scuba's Triangulation album, the potentially game-changing debut record from Mount Kimbie, and the Love Pressure EP from Brooklyn's Sepalcure, a collaboration between Travis Stewart (a.k.a. Machinedrum) and Praveen Sharma (of Praveen & Benoît), the label's catalog seems to only get better and better with each new addition. "Feeling That I Know So Well" isn't actually on a proper Hotflush release, but it does speak to the excellent quality of bass music the label keeps company with. Sepalcure's production is rooted in club-friendly genres across the map, house acapellas, dubstep basslines, techno synth tones, and the swagger of beat music, but it takes those separate pieces into a different realm where overwhelming soundsystem music and precious headphone compositions coexist. 

Average: 8.4 (110 votes)

Download: Ariel Pink with Added Pizzazz "Hot Body Rub"

We're not super worried about the lyrics to "Hot Body Rub"—from Ariel Pink's recent collaborative EP with new friends Added Pizzazz—sounding quite similar to a certain hot tub-related SNL sketch, or that the horn section of the song sort of resembles the intro music to that program, too. It's Ariel's unwavering strangeness, which is prominently on display in the funky lo-fi number, that transcends all comparisons and turns the tune into a sublime mess of interesting sonic adventures. "Hot Body Rub" is nearly a five-minute song, but thanks to a particularly noisy intro and outro and a groove which doesn't ever seem to quit, Pink's and Pizzazz's number flies by before we get the chance to fully understand what the hell they think they're doing. (via We All Want Someone to Shout For

Average: 7 (25 votes)

Download: Kisses "People Can Do the Most Amazing Things (Pete Wiggs Remix)"

LA boy/girl outfit Kisses (pictured above) are a precious couple of singers and music-makers who rely on the simple ideas of '80s pop and the beachfront stylings of Balearic disco to color in their heartwarming, immediately lovable songs. The duo's latest single, "People Can Do the Most Amazing Things," will be released August 2 along with this remix from Saint Etienne co-producer Pete Wiggs. For his version, Wiggs switches out Kisses' original upbeat, post-punk-referencing instrumentation for a colder vibe composed completely of electronic elements. The result sounds something like a lost b-side from Matthew Dear's Asa Breed album, and even a bit like a Hot Chip number circa The Warning. But regardless of who the remix reminds us of, Wiggs' re-work is a great production, and provides a perfect counterpoint to Kisses' more buoyant original. 

Average: 6.6 (32 votes)

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