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Download: My Favorite Robot "Modest Goddess (Pan/Tone Remix)"

Distorted bass throbs form the backbone of this remix of Canadian electro duo My Favorite Robot's latest single. Berlin transplant Pan/Tone adds some excellent, brooding synths and breathy stabs above the track's pulse, and though the vocal samples are a bit much, this is a truly monstrous electro-house tune. 

Average: 6.7 (29 votes)

Download: Boy 8-Bit "Baltic Pine (Radio Edit)"

A stuttering hip-house club beat begins this elegant romp through Baltic melodics and rhythms, which are astoundingly club-friendly. Who knew? South London's Boy 8-Bit continues to bring the goods here, and with peeps like Sinden, Crookers, and A-Trak repping the track, it's certain that you'll be down with the vibe, too. 

Average: 7 (37 votes)

Download: Bruno Gauthier pour Magda Zagba "It's Love (Rob Mello's No Ears Dub)"

Label: Classic

Lady B, French patron of Detroit techno and Chicago house for the past 15 years, has turned a new leaf with a revised "moniker," his given name Bruno Gauthier. For Gauthier's new EP, It's Love, the veteran producer commissioned the talents of vocalist Magda Zagba with soulfully classic results. Here, label head Rob Mello gives the track a lengthy dub mix chock full of bouncing bass synths and funky guitar riffs that harken back to an era seemingly long gone. 

Average: 7.5 (36 votes)

Download: Pollination "Some Sun (Yppah remix)"

With syrupy gobs of psych bliss drizzling down sand dunes and flowing deep to the belly of a canyon, New Mexico native Nick Noeding Jr. (a.k.a. Pollination) sets the precedent for desert living with this slab of dream-pop from his latest offering, Inca Orange. Fortunately, Yppah of Ninja Tune Records steps in to help Noeding guide your eyes and ears past the blinding rays of the baking sun and straight to the oasis.  

Average: 7.8 (170 votes)

Download: Matias Aguayo "Bo Jack (Vocal) feat. Lady Bumbox"

Label: Comème

Matias Aguayo just keeps getting weirder. Here, he vocalizes insanely over deep, demanding kicks, a one-note bass pulse, and some extremely dry snares. In other words, the Chilean native pretends to be a very tweaked 303 over rhythms that could have come from his Closer Musik collaboration. Engagingly strange, this one, sure to get heads bobbing and asses shaking. 

Average: 5.8 (45 votes)

Download: Lokai "Salvador"

Creaking and clanging like a weathered ship drifting through a tar pit somewhere in the Far East, this track from the Austrian duo's latest effort, Transition, fits together bits and pieces of finger-picked guitar, vibraphone, and an abundance of dripping electronic noises before slowly sinking to its final resting place.  

Average: 6.4 (19 votes)

Download: Daniel Haaksman "Pobum Coco"

Label: Man

A rad little piece of cheeky fun from Man Recordings label boss Daniel Haaksman. Great electro drums and handclaps fuse together with a ridiculous Spanish guitar and some whistling. High-energy stuff from the original Gostoso EP that recently received superb remixes from Sharkslayer on the remix EP

Average: 6.2 (26 votes)

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