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Download: Evan Jones "Good Grief"

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This warped slice of soul-washed house comes from Evan Jones, a producer currently living and studying in London and who—we're told—has released music under a variety of aliases over the years. "Good Grief" is one of a handful of tracks Jones pieced together over the summer, and from the sound of this particular tune, it certainly seems like it was time well spent. At its core, "Good Grief" is a shuffling house number fueled by a loop of murky piano chords. Still, it is really what happens above the buried sample that makes "Good Grief" a captivating listen, as an innumerable collection of gritty textures and loosely manipulated FX are strewn across the track's surface, shifting this one from a jazzy, low-swung house track into something enjoyably a bit more left of center. 

Average: 8.7 (89 votes)

Download: Via App "Ace"

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Label: 1080p

A former resident of South Carolina who new resides in Boston, young producer Dylan Scheer (a.k.a. Via App) will join the roster of Vancouver's 1080p imprint when she drops her Dangerous Game album via the label next week. One of ten "genre-bending tracks" set to appear on the record, "Ace" serves as our first taste of what's to come from the 20-year-old talent (who also works as a visual artist). Built atop a slightly skipping four-on-the-floor, "Ace" gradually unravels a series of airy chords that sway atop the production's weighted rhythms and ever-evolving array of percussion. Via App's adventurous new outing for the fast-growing 1080p outpost will officially arrive on September 16.  

Average: 7.5 (44 votes)

Download: Retiree "Altruisme (Harvey Sutherland Remix)"

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This boogied-out remix comes courtesy of Harvey Sutherland, a Melbourne-based producer/DJ who has been tasked with taking on fellow countrymen Retiree's (pictured above) recent "Altruisme" single. In its original form, the Sydney outfit's track is a bit smoother affair, but Sutherland elects to sharpen the edges on his rework, adding an energetic groove and a juicy synth solo to the otherwise subdued production. The Australian producer's remix of "Altruisme" can be grabbed below while Retiree's watery video clip for the original tune can be viewed after the jump.  Read more » 

Average: 7.9 (37 votes)

Download: The Slow Revolt "Twin"

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We first heard from Joe Mirza (a.k.a. The Slow Revolt) earlier this year when the London producer/vocalist joined the ranks of the FIELDS label (who also released Max Cooper's debut LP earlier this year) with his two-track Never Get Close single. Soon, Mirza will return to the UK imprint with All Your Own, another two-track single which features the intricate "Twin" production as its b-side cut. Setting aside his vocal talents in order to craft an instrumental outing, here Mirza builds a full-bodied track from thick kick drums, detailed percussion, and precise bass notes—all of which provide a sturdy base for chained patterns of restless synth melodies to lead the excursion. The Slow Revolt's second effort for FIELDS, All Your Own, is slated to land on October 20. 

Average: 8.5 (59 votes)

Download: Soul of Hex "Lip Reading (Larry Heard Midnight Remix)"

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Label: CVMR

Soul of Hex is the collaborative project of 4004 and Sebastien Vorhaus, two producers currently based in Tijuana, Mexico. Together the pair will issue its Lip Reading EP via the Mexico City-based CVMR imprint next month, offering a single original track alongside remixes from Vin Sol, Ny*Ak, and a pair of reworks from Chicago house veteran Larry Heard (a.k.a. Mr. Fingers). Featured here is Heard's "Midnight Remix" which finds the time-tested talent digging a bit deeper into Soul of Hex's "Lip Reading," placing a low-rolling groove beneath the track's hi-fi percussion clicks and jazzy keyboards. Dropping on October 14, the rest of Soul of Hex's Lip Reading EP can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

Average: 8.6 (70 votes)

Download: Electric Youth "Runaway (Maths Time Joy Remix)"

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Ahead of the release of Toronto duo Electric Youth's (pictured above) Innerworld LP later this month via Secretly Canadian, the outfit has passed along this remix from London beatmaker Maths Time Joy. A lush, M83-indebted song in its original form, "Runaway" is transformed into a neon-laced beat in the hands of the UK artist, who laces the tune with a slew of skittering rhythms while chopping its vocal into geometric patterns that fit tightly between the remix's fast-paced hats and snapping snare drums. 

Average: 8.4 (54 votes)

Download: The Crystal System "Got Me Moving (Moiré Remix)"

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LA transplant Sinden and his The Crystal System project recently dropped its "Got Me Moving" single, a disco-indebted cut which featured former Azari & III vocalist SYF. Along with the original production, The Crystal System's single (which saw its release last month via the Sweat It Out label) boasted a handful of remixes, though the one featured here from London artist Moiré (who recently dropped his debut LP via Werkdiscs) was not included. On his rework, Moiré takes the pop-leaning track in the complete opposite direction, burying the original's groove beneath sunken kick drums and unsettled percussion, reshaping "Got Me Moving" into a much more leftfield piece of club music. 

Average: 6.6 (33 votes)

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