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Download: Teengirl Fantasy "Azz Klapz"

Label: Pukekos

Kicking things off with a sample Timbaland seemed to overlook in his Missy Elliot productions, Ohio's Teengirl Fantasy built around the chanting loop a dreamy and epic piece of early-'90s house reimagined for the world's current dancefloors. The near eight-minute track, "Azz Klapz," never grows tiresome as new sounds and movements in the song are introduced just about every 15 seconds. The buoyant melodies and filtered synths give credence to the duo's lighthearted moniker. 

Average: 6.7 (48 votes)

Download: Exclusive: L-Vis 1990 "Murder"

London upstart, Night Slugs resident, and Mad Decent associate L-Vis 1990 brings some seriously foreboding funky house vibes with this new track, exclusively available for download here at XLR8R.com. Minor-key synth stabs are coupled with the bass hits, and a dark synth progression provides the lead-up to the piece's break. Definitely something for those late-night treks down cavernous city streets. 

Average: 7.4 (41 votes)

Download: diskJokke "The Bund"

There's something bubbling in the cool waters of Norway, because every month brings more cosmic disco from its chilly climes. diskJokke is one of the country's newer imports, and while he's often lumped with Prins Thomas and Lindstrøm, his sound is much more indebted to the infinite arpeggiations and slow-motion hypnotics of Italy's Daniele Baldelli. In other words, this Norwegian delivers retro space disco at its finest. 

Average: 6.3 (28 votes)

Download: A Sunny Day in Glasgow "Ashes Grammar/Ashes Math"

Ben Daniels and the Sunny Day bunch get all 4AD Records on our asses with this shimmering beaut from their next album, Ashes Grammar. Heavenly voices, astral drones, and thick bass clash and orbit through a sky of pink and purple tones, which provides quite a breathtaking view. 

Average: 6.4 (29 votes)

Download: All Tiny Creatures "To All Tiny Creatures"

Label: Hometapes

Wisconsin quartet All Tiny Creatures cruises up the Krautrock Autobahn, just as Cluster and Kraftwerk did before them, but this time the gears are locked on overdrive and the speedometer needle is bobbing into the red. Fortunately, the upcoming traffic is looking rather light.  

Average: 7.6 (45 votes)

Download: Palms "Boundary Waters (Josh Dibbs remix)"

Josh Dibb (a.k.a. Deakin) of the Animal Collective compound forks out a stunner of a remix on this track from New York two-piece Palms. With arms and legs dunked in vats of mescaline and syrupy molasses, this beast sure knows how to cut a rug in a freaky way once it gets moving.  

Average: 6.6 (22 votes)

Download: Underworld "Born Slippy (live)"

To celebrate their upcoming North American stretch with Crosstown Rebels head Damian Lazarus, legendary electronic duo Underworld zapped us his tweaky live take on "Born Slippy" in our direction. It goes without saying that we wish we could be in Las Vegas this Friday for the opening night of their tour. 

Average: 7.2 (37 votes)

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