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Download: Robot Koch "Aftershocks"

Jahcoozi member Robot Koch recently took time to start his own label, Robots Don't Sleep, and prep its inaugural release, an EP he's calling Aftershocks. The name is fitting, as the release is a dubstep-heavy affair with plenty of fractured breaks and beats. Welsh producer Stagga got ahold of the title track and prepped this remix, also on the new release. Aftershocks is out now. Photo by Lars Borges. 

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Download: Seeland "Call the Incredible"

Label: LOAF

United as Seeland, former Broadcast and Plone members Tim Felton and Billy Bainbridge weave vintage electronics, studio experimentation, and a myriad of other musical influences into their songs. The duo released their debut album, Tomorrow Today on LOAF not long ago, which includes this delightfully paranoid lullaby of a track.


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Download: Raffertie "Antisocial"

Birmingham, U.K.-based Raffertie is finally, after numerous bootleg remixes, set to unleash some of his own productions onto the club masses, in the form of a new single, "Antisocial." Besides several remixes, the single also features two original cuts of brooding, paranoid synth lines wrapped over wobbly, wonky basslines. Here is the title track off the single. "Antisocial" is out June 8. 

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Download: Rainbow Arabia "Haunted Hall"

Husband/wife duo Rainbow Arabia will follow-up their 2008 debut, The Basta, with a new mini album this summer, and here is the second track off Kabukimono. Once again, slinky, rhythm-heavy electronics meet the sounds of the Middle East on this new offering. Kabukimono is out July 28. 

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Download: AM Architect "Next of Kin (Bro Safari Remix)"

Diego "Aether" Chavez and Daniel Stanush make a kind of music not commonly associated with their part of the country (Texas). Under their A.M. Architect guise, the two combine folktronic sensibilities with downtempo beats that often stray towards hip-hop territory, and the same is true of this remix from L.A.-based producer Bro Safari. The duo's album, The Road to the Sun, is out now. 

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Download: Joker "Solid State"

In case you don't check dubstepforum.com (where members are going nuts over this track), Bristol-based producer Joker has unleashed a high-quality download of "Solid State," free to any and all bass lovers out there. And though he's known first and foremost as a dubstep artist, hip-hop connoisseurs and electro nerds alike can also get down to the minimally crafted, no-nonsense beats and synths on this track. (via Resident Advisor)


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Download: Math the Band "Why Didn't You Get a Haircut"

Boyfriend/girlfriend duo Math the Band makes a strange amalgamation of 8-bit-heavy electronic music, screeching punk, and melodic pop, so when combined, the band's signature sound is suited for a wide variety of music fans. The two will release their second full-length, Don't Worry, this June, and from the sounds of this track, reckless abandon and unabashed fun will be common themes on the release. Don't Worry is out June 9. 

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