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Download: Sleepyhead "All Night"

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Broke City is a monthly Brooklyn party that has hosted the likes of Machinedrum, Dre Skull, Dubbel Dutch, Pictureplane, Jubilee and others over its three-plus-year run. Presided over by resident DJs Dunes, Figgy, and Sleepyhead—who is featured here—the monthly event has put together a new compilation featuring tracks from friends and cohorts such as Shams and HXdB. For his contribution to the Broke City Summer Collection Volume 2 comp, Sleepyhead has put together a deep and luscious house number, "All Night," which glides with a simple skip as it weaves its way around thick chords and whispered vocals. Sleepyhead's new track, and the rest of Broke City's summer collection, can be streamed after the jump and downloaded for free here.  Read more » 

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Download: Philogresz "She"

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Label: PHIL

Warbly jazz piano, murky vocal chops, and sublte waves of static dot "She," helping the otherwise jacking track take an intriguing left turn towards the more off-kilter ends of the spectrum between house and techno. Pulled from the Amsterdam-based (though he's also resided in Istanbul, Rotterdam, and Antwerp) producer Philogresz's upcoming The Lost Movie LP, "She" is a fine example of the sort of dusty compositions the artist plans to present on his upcoming debut full-length. Said to (somehow) feature the producer's own Dubgray Dust alter-ego, the tune is driven by uneasy layers of rattling percussion and a particularly squirmy bassline, all of which helps land "She" intriguingly left of center. Set to appear on Philogresz's appropriately named PHIL label, The Lost Movie LP will see an official release on September 1.  

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Download: Eest Coast "Marbles"

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Label: Shoeboxx

Denver label Shoeboxx first appeared on our radar last month, when the growing outpost offered a sleek track from Colorado producer Real Cosby's EP for the imprint. Now, Shoeboxx is in the midst of prepping the Selfish People EP from Connecticut beatmaker Adam Yan, who operates as Eest Coast. Serving as the lead single to his forthcoming effort, Yan's "Marbles" production is awash with warm, swelling chords, glistening arpeggios, and sugary melodic twists; in other words, it's an appropriate summer jam. "Marbles" and a handful of other tunes from Eest Coast will see their official release when the producer's Selfish People EP drops on September 2. 

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Download: DJCHAP "Wavv"

Hailing from Denver, DJCHAP is the latest producer to step up for the Tar net-label's ongoing free EP series. Appearing in the middle of the producer's three-track Amanecí EP is "Wavv," a footwork-indebted exercise that chops together ethereal vocal samples and airy atmospherics over a series of frenetic rhythms (with a few nods to jungle sprinkled throughout). While the track can be picked up for free below, the rest of DJCHAP's new EP can be grabbed—along with all of the Tar label's catalog—over on Bandcamp

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Download: My Panda Shall Fly & Maulin "Gingerbread House (MPSF's 5 a.m. Minimal Dub)"

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London producers My Panda Shall Fly (pictured above, right) and Maulin (pictured above, left) have combined forces for the Push EP, a five-track collaborative effort that will see its release via Project: Mooncircle next month. In the meantime, My Panda has offered his "MPSF's 5 a.m. Minimal Dub" version of EP cut "Gingerbread House" to pique our interest. A dubby production in its original form, here "Gingerbread House" is stripped and reshaped to resemble a pulsing techno stomp, which comes lined with refracted electronics and disintegrating textures. Out on September 9—and featuring a remix from R&S affiliates Lakker—My Panda Shall Fly & Maulin's Push EP can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Mark Wundercastle "AC"

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Label: 1080p

New Zealand-reared, now Melbourne, Australia-based producer Mark Wundercastle is next up on the fast-growing—and pleasantly unpredictable—1080p label. Pulled from his upcoming Cell EP is "AC," a seven-minute jaunt across percussive drum-machine patterns, where tuned kicks meet sweeping synth chords and airy, cyclical melodies. From this simple combination of components, Wundercastle is able to build a hypnotic production, one which frequently relies on the entrancing pulse of its drum programming to lull the listener further into its sonic world. In addition to "AC," Wundercastle's Cell EP promises to offer six more "extremely heavy tracks tinged by early '00s futurist vibes" when it officially drops in both cassette and digital form on n August 19. 

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Download: Korma "Sky Hook"

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Early next month, Seattle producer Korma will drop the four-track Skyline EP as part of Car Crash Set's Ice Rink release series. Set to close out the forthcoming effort is "Sky Hook," a bass-rooted production which comes packed with industrial percussion. Running just over four-minutes, Korma's track aligns an ever-growing series of dark machine hits with a barrage of otherworldly FX, together forming tight rhythms that wrap around the tune's steely atmosphere. Korma's Skyline EP is set to land on September 2, which is also the date his Springblade/ Chain 2.0 EP is scheduled to drop, both via the DC-based Car Crash Set imprint. 

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