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Download: Blondes "Spanish Fly (Brenmar Remix)"

Brooklyn live-electronics outfit Blondes is set to make good on the large amount of hype and attention it has received lately with the release of the duo's debut EP, Touched, available June 28 via Merok. The original version of "Spanish Fly" will be part of the record's five tracks, but this remix from These Are Powers member and hotly tipped producer Brenmar (above) is an entity all unto itself. He warped Blondes' distinct proto-acid-house style into more of a rubbery future-house/UK funky tune tailor-made for the world's more bass-minded dance floors. (via Discobelle

Average: 6.4 (26 votes)

Download: Jimmy Edgar "JNS-2000"


An exclusive track from Jimmy Edgar, "JNS-2000" leans more on the 27-year-old producer's instrumental techno side. Sure, the globe-trotting music maker throws in some chopped-up, tweaked vocal sounds, but they are only present to serve as more of a loose melodic element to weave between his track's slow-grooving bassline and repetitious, hard-knocking dance beat. The tune is a great predecessor to Edgar's upcoming "Hush" 12" for GLASSTABLE, and his new full-length album, XXX, coming June 21 via !K7. 

Average: 7.9 (32 votes)

Download: Memory Tapes "Bicycle (Tanlines Remix)"

On this upbeat remix, Brooklyn's tropically minded dance-pop duo Tanlines (above) have rearranged the pieces of Memory Tapes' Seek Magic single "Bicycle." A bouncing 8-bit dance beat kicks off the track before loads of percussive sounds and the original vocal melody are introduced. A booming percussion noise slams from one ear to the other throughout the song's four minutes, initially sounding a bit out of place and overbearing but ultimately fits better in the mix once Tanlines' rework turns into a joyously straightforward club tune. (via Gorilla vs. Bear

Average: 6.8 (17 votes)

Download: B. Bravo "Computa Love"

Label: Brownswood

This bit of future-boogie brilliance from SF-based producer B. Bravo is catching a re-release on a forthcoming compilation from BBC Radio 1 personality Gilles Peterson's Brownswood label (who also had Bravo interviewed recently on his website). Brownswood Electric is a beat-centric affair focusing on up-and-coming producers from across the US and UK's satellite electronic music scenes, which also includes tracks from the likes of DevonWho, Shlohmo, Mount Kimbie, and Mosca. B. Bravo's contribution, the title song from his previously released second EP for Frite Nite, Computa Love, opens the 15-track release with a thick, confident bass groove, slow-knocking beat, and loads of shimmering synth tones floating all around the smooth rhythm. 

Average: 7.8 (41 votes)

Download: We Are Standard "Don't Give Up (John Talabot Slowing It Down Remix)"

We Are Standard (pictured) may be stuck in a time when Franz Ferdinand ruled the hearts of indie kids, but John Talabot performs a breathtaking and new turn on this remix of "Don't Give Up." The track is slowed and given a nice proto-house kick along with pulsing synths that recall KZA, or even the early lushness of Luciano. The original's vocals are almost nowhere to be found except in a pitched-up recurring snippet, and shimmering harmonies cascade towards the piece's end. Quite impressive work from one of Spain's best new exports! (via Pitchfork

Average: 7.7 (36 votes)

Download: Asura "Manzanita"

Another addition to Los Angeles' near-capacity beat scene, Asura sent over this track from his recently released self-titled debut LP, which is also the first album from LA label Non Projects. "Manzanita" takes its time to introduce any kind of rhythm; the whole first minute and a half is void of drum sounds, and is filled instead with thick atmospheric noise, delayed guitars, and a distant, muffled booming. As far as beat music goes, the classically trained Asura seems to be one of the most interested in melody, mood, and, surprisingly, singing along with his bedroom productions. 

Average: 8.3 (80 votes)

Download: Jori Hulkkonen "I Am Dead (CFCF Remix)"

Here, rising star CFCF lends his slow-motion disco vibe to Finnish producer Jori Hulkkonen's dark synth-pop track. While bringing out the melancholy synth undertones of the original and adding a deep space-disco kick to the mix, CFCF allows the plaintive vocals of Jerry Valuri to come through in a manner recalling Alphaville, or perhaps a more mature New Order. Though his version of "I Am Dead" is definitely not for the dancefloor, CFCF's remix is certain to be pumping out of countless earbuds in the months to come. 

Average: 8.3 (222 votes)

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