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Download: Lockah "Unrealable"

Label: Donky Pitch

Though known more on this side of the pond for its label efforts, Donky Pitch actually began as a Brighton club night in the summer of 2009. Now, the Donky Pitch crew is marking its five years of existence with, well, Five, a free compilation gathering some of the label's past highlights in addition to a number of unreleased tracks including the Lockah production featured here. On "Unrealable," the former Bubblin' Up artist crafts a beat heavily steeped in retro vibes, its neon-striped chords and active layers of drum-machine percussion making this one sound like a futuristic—and even a bit sinister—outtake from the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack (not that we're complaining at all about that fact). In addition to housing Lockah's "Unrealable" effort, Donky Pitch's new comp also counts tracks from The Range, Slugabed, Ghost Mutt, ARP 101, Starfoxxx, and Tokyo Hands to its name; all of which can be grabbed as a name-your-price download here. In addition, the label will be celebrating its five years with a "birthday" party in London this Saturday, the details of which can be found here

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Download: Öona Dahl & Jonny Cruz "Oceans"

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Label: Hallucienda

Phono Obscura is the forthcoming debut compilation from the freshly launched Hallucienda imprint, a label which is intended as a continuation of the Hallucination Limited outpost helmed by longtime NYC DJ Three. The label's inaugural collection is set to include contributions from J. Alvarez (a.k.a. 214), Terry Francis, and the collaborative track featured here from Öona Dahl and Jonny Cruz. Together on "Oceans," the two producers craft an extended jaunt into lush and emotive house, with a pulsing bassline and jacking rhythms absorbed by an array of slow-evolving synth tones across the track's eight-plus-minute run. "Oceans," and the rest of the nine-track Phono Obscura compilation will see an official release on October 7.  

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Download: Firejosé "Windy City"

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Label: Cut

Today the Cut label—which operates on a subscription basis with a new EP added to its catalog every month—drops Red Mist, a four-track outing from Estonian producer Firejosé (a.k.a. Mark Stukis). Pulled from the record is "Windy City," a production built on the back of low-swung rhythms culled from a series of boxy kicks, clattering percussion hits, and loose hi-hats. Spanning over seven minutes, the track focuses on dense, looping chords, adding only small glimpses of refracted vocals and extra percussive bits here and there as the listener is left to be absorbed in the track's cyclical current. Already in the hands (or, really, hard drives) of those who subscribe to the Cut imprint, the rest of Firejosé's new Red Mist EP can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Memotone & Soosh "Part II"

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Together on Memoosh, British artists Memotone and Soosh have crafted an LP's worth of vivid productions which meld together detailed beatwork with live instrumentation and tasteful field recordings. Before the record lands next week, the pair has offered up "Part II," a rich effort which wraps solemn piano chords, slow-breathing strings, and wordless vocal murmurs around a sparse, hesitant beat. Slated as a digital bonus cut to Memoosh, "Part II" proves to be an intriguing first look into what Memotone and Soosh are capable of together, a fine example of the explorative, organic touch the LP is said to highlight throughout its run. Before Memoosh lands via the Project: Mooncircle imprint on October 7, a preview stream of the album can be hard after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Secret School "Phantoms"

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Label: Hush Hush

Seattle's Hush Hush label (whose Decibel Festival showcase we highlighted in our recent review) will next release a self-titled EP from hometown producer Andrew Sutherland under his Secret School alias. To spread the word, the label has shared EP cut "Phantoms," a bliss-streaked production flush with emotional chords, echoed vocal drones, and grand, sweeping textures. Underneath all that, the track employs shuffling rhythms and light snare rolls, further giving the tune a relaxed, introspective feel. Secret School's forthcoming EP is set to land via Hush Hush on October 13; in the meantime, a teaser video for the record and the its full tracklist can be peeped after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Ultrademon "Where Do I Go"

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Label: Hyperboloid

Prolific Chicago producer Ultrademon will next land on the Moscow-based Hyperboloid label (helmed by recent XLR8R podcast contributor Pixelord) with the four-track The .XVX Files EP. Following closely behind the release of his Voidic Charms LP for his own Coral imprint, Ultrademon will close out his upcoming effort with "Where Do I Go," a laid-back outing which pairs deep 808 kicks with loose hats, miniature snaps, and an evolving series of sugary synth melodies. The Chicago talent's full The .XVX Files EP is set to land on Hyperboloid on October 9. 

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Download: Rawaat "Exp 2 (Imre Kiss Remix)"

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Earlier this year, the fast-growing Lobster Theremin label issued the Day Laborer EP from burgeoning Detroit artist Rawaat, a five-track effort which dealt in blurry tones and refracted grooves while also including a rework from Huerco S. Now, label mate Imre Kiss (who released his Raw Energy EP via Lobster Theremin in July and is pictured above) has been brought in to remix EP cut "Exp 2." The resulting rework finds the Budapest artist drawing out the dreamier side of Rawaat's original, burying the track's synth sequences and slow-shuffling rhythms beneath intensified layers of filtered chords and cloudy textures. 

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