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Download: Sekta feat. Spoek Mathambo "Jabajaws"

Label: Top Billin

We're not really sure how Warsaw-based producer Sekta and South African MC Spoek Mathambo managed to cross paths, but we're sure glad they did. "Jabajaws," the lead track from the pair's new EP, is full of buzzing bass, kwaito synth flourishes, and enough dirty raps to make your mom blush. Finally, there's a track that electro banger kids and the global bass crowd can enjoy equally. 

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Download: Killamu "Tchilu"

Label: Akwaaba

While recent years have seen an flood of third-world dance beats on to first-world dancefloors, the flow of "official" releases remains at a trickle. Yet a few fledgling labels are combating this trend; count among them Akwaaba, whose founder Benjamin Lebrave has spent a significant amount of time in Angola and signed up local kuduro heroes to legitimately release (and get paid for) their infectiously frenetic dance cuts. Today Akwaaba is releasing A Minha Face, a new album from veteran producer Killamu. "Tchilu" skews toward the genre's electronic side, pairing hyperactive handclaps with lightning-quick verses and an overwhelming sense that Killamu and friends had just as much fun making this track as you will when it's blaring out of your stereo. For a more in-depth look at Killamu, Akwaaba has put together a mini-documentary that you can check out here

Average: 5.6 (21 votes)

Download: Limaçon "Which One"

After dropping a slew of singles on esteemed labels like Poker Flat and Force Inc., this month finds West Coast tech-house producer Limaçon (a.k.a. Christopher T. Lee) releasing his debut album, Tarry Not. If "Which One" is any indication, expect a full-length loaded with precise techno beats and ghostly synths. Luckily, Lee has infused the music with just enough California sunshine to warm up even the chilliest minimal dancefloor. 

Average: 6.8 (35 votes)

Download: Om Unit "Lightgrids"

First Listen
Label: All-City

We can't pinpoint exactly why it's happening, but London is on a serious roll right now. Just go ahead and add Om Unit (who used to operate under the name 2Tall) to the list of camera-shy UK artists making infectiously wonky beats. "Lightgrids" is the a-side to his new 45 on the Irish All-City imprint, which has previously released tunes from like-minded producers like Mike Slott and Hudson Mohawke, and sounds like the kind of sultry retro-futurism that the Nite Funk collaboration might cook up. Om Unit has previously worked with outer-space soul pioneers Dudley Perkins and Georgia Anne Muldrow, so maybe Dam-Funk and Nite Jewel should give him a call. 

Average: 7.6 (38 votes)

Download: Carl Craig "Experimento"

Label: Planet E

As a general rule, XLR8R reserves the Downloads section of the website for the newest, freshest tunes. But when a certified techno legend like Carl Craig offers up a selection from his back catalog for exclusive download, we're willing to bend the rules a little bit. Taken from his Just Another Day release, "Experimento" is a slow-burning exercise in dub techno that will rumble your speakers in all the right ways. Perhaps Mr. Craig is in such a giving mood because he's excited about his upcoming appearance at New York's Unsound Festival. We were already really hyped about the festival, but then we saw that on February 5th Craig will be doing two live performances accompanying screenings of Andy Warhol's Blow Job. He'll be joined by Berlin duo nsi, who will be soundtracking Warhol's Kiss. Both Craig and psi will be performing on modular synths and analog gear. All the details are here and tickets are on sale today for both the 7:30 and 9:30 shows.  

Average: 6.6 (61 votes)

Download: Myd "Train to Bamako"

The boys from Radioclit are unabashed lovers of African dance music—between their work with Esau Mwamwaya as The Very Best and their Secousse party in London, they're pretty much running the new-school African club game. Now they're adding to their resume by curating the Saga Africa compilation, which features their song "Tutule Dance" alongside tracks from French producers Douster, Lazy Flow, and Myd. The latter's "Train to Bamako" is a joyous romp, filled with singing African children, warm tones, and just enough bass bump to best Radioclit at their own game. The Saga Africa EP is available for sale at Beatport

Average: 7.3 (36 votes)

Download: Nickodemus "The Love Feeling (Christian Prommer Remix)"

Label: ESL

Taken from the latest album by Brooklyn-based DJ/producer Nickodemus, "The Love Feeling" gets treated to a classic techno burner of a remix by Germany's Christian Prommer. His work, along with treatments from the likes of J.Boogie, HIRD (who's worked with Fever Ray and Little Dragon), and EarthRise SoundSystem, will be featured on a reworked version of Nickodemus' album Sun People. Sun People Remixed hits retailers January 19. 

Average: 5.6 (29 votes)

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