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Download: DVA "Freakout (Dub)"

Label: DVA Music

DVA (a.k.a. Scratcha DVA) shows that he isn't just some funky one-trick pony with this exclusive dub mix of "Freakout." Though the funky, pseudo-tribal percussion is still present, the synths that ride atop are more akin to tech-house sounds of the mid-oughts, showing some of the eclectic influences that the UK funky culture has absorbed into its sound. What makes the track truly special, though, are the synth gurglings that subtly drone under the piece, a flourish that only a true composer would insert into such a dancefloor workout. DVA's The New World Order EP comes out this week on his own label. 

Average: 7.2 (31 votes)

Download: Black Milk "Don Cornelius"

Label: Fat Beats

Detroit's Black Milk has a new album coming out in July, and though "Don Cornelius" didn't quite make the cut for the full-length, its sunny beats recall Dilla, and Black Milk's wordplay is as furious as ever. Though the content is the usual "big-ups-to-me" lyric we've all gotten used to, how can one deny lines like "He was the game like a relay/but still not a game like E.A./I'm on the right path like slow lanes on the freeway"? Fans will definitely get down with Black Milk's command to "keep your lighters up!" 

Average: 7.3 (19 votes)

Download: Tobacco "Six Royal Vipers"

Label: Anticon

Where Black Moth Super Rainbow's Seven Fields of Aphelion has gone the way of dreamy, ambient soundscapes, Tobacco, the group's de facto frontman, has been busy crafting beat-heavy, psychedelic fuzz stompers. Recalling mid-period Beck at his finest, "Six Royal Vipers" features crisp handclaps, an ever-warping piano loop, lazer arpeggiations, and heavily-filtered vocal harmonies. Though the lyrical content is undeniably melancholic, it is vocalized in a way that renders it more of an invocation of hazy, summertime bliss. Tobacco's second record, Maniac Meat, came out last week on Anticon, and he's pulling some extensive tour dates out of his hat for the early autumn, which you can check out here.  

Average: 7.9 (31 votes)

Download: Madleen Kane "Cherchez Pas"

Label: Strut

From Horse Meat Disco II, the forthcoming second compilation curated and mixed by the fellas of the UK club night, comes this gem of flamboyant diva disco, "Cherchez Pas" by Madleen Kane. The Swedish model-turned-singer recorded the burning dance tune—complete with horn stabs, octave bass lines, and all sorts of pattering percussion—with Jean-Claude Friederich back in 1980, but the song still sounds just as fun and club-appropriate today as it did then. The classic number resurfaces towards the end of Horse Meat Disco II amidst equally old-school grooves from Bravo, Kasso, and El Coco, to name a few, and fulfills its duty to keep the party mix going strong throughout its entire six minutes. 

Average: 6.8 (31 votes)

Download: Memoryhouse "Lately (Teengirl Fantasy Remix)"

Label: Inflated

The hazy sounds propagated by so-called "dream-pop" bands are a perfect fit for their like-minded counterparts in the "chillwave" and other similarly lo-fi electronic scenes. Canadian duo Memoryhouse (above) lent the elements of its song "Lately" to Oberlin-based Teengirl Fantasy for a remix turn around, and what came out the other side isn't much like the budding duo's usual output. Layers of bucolic field recordings set the backdrop for a soft-hearted mix of melodic electronics that swirl around a quietly undulating beat before the boys wash over the mix with a slow-moving filter. It's not "dream-pop." It's not "chillwave." It's just cool music. (via Pitchfork

Average: 7.4 (25 votes)

Download: Blondes "Spanish Fly (Brenmar Remix)"

Brooklyn live-electronics outfit Blondes is set to make good on the large amount of hype and attention it has received lately with the release of the duo's debut EP, Touched, available June 28 via Merok. The original version of "Spanish Fly" will be part of the record's five tracks, but this remix from These Are Powers member and hotly tipped producer Brenmar (above) is an entity all unto itself. He warped Blondes' distinct proto-acid-house style into more of a rubbery future-house/UK funky tune tailor-made for the world's more bass-minded dance floors. (via Discobelle

Average: 6.4 (26 votes)

Download: Jimmy Edgar "JNS-2000"


An exclusive track from Jimmy Edgar, "JNS-2000" leans more on the 27-year-old producer's instrumental techno side. Sure, the globe-trotting music maker throws in some chopped-up, tweaked vocal sounds, but they are only present to serve as more of a loose melodic element to weave between his track's slow-grooving bassline and repetitious, hard-knocking dance beat. The tune is a great predecessor to Edgar's upcoming "Hush" 12" for GLASSTABLE, and his new full-length album, XXX, coming June 21 via !K7. 

Average: 7.9 (32 votes)

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