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Download: Marley Carroll "First Thought, Best Thought (Little People Remix)"

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Pulled from his recent self-released Sings LP, Asheville, NC producer Marley Carroll's "First Thought, Best Thought" has recieved a remix treatment. Featured here, the rework from London producer Little People bears very minor differences to Carroll's original, with a methodically bouncing, but even-tempered, bass remaining at the core. From there, Little People introduces an array of sparkling beeps and bells which are used to encircle the track's hollow synth blares and whispered vocal snippets. In addition to offering this remix, Marley Carroll is set to embark on a series of North American tour dates lasting from April through to September, the details for which can be found after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Rough Fields "High Time"

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Label: Bomb Shop

Armed with a diverse range of both organic and inorganic textures, Rough Fields (a.k.a. James Birchall), crafts a warm, voluminous sound on the title track for his forthcoming High Time EP. Here, shimmering guitar riffs emerge alongside a thumping bassline, with subdued vocal bits sparsely strewn throughout the soothing mix. Rough Fields' full set of smooth-flowing compositions for High Time can be heard when the EP drops on April 28, with cassette and MP3 formats available for pre-order here

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Download: Roland Tings "Floating on a Salt Lake"

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Melbourne-based producer Roland Tings (a.k.a. Rohan Newman) has been known to place more effort on promoting his sound through his live sets than committing to a body of recorded work. However, the established producer does appear ready to make some moves in that direction, with his "Who U Love" 12'' via Internasjonal on Monday, April 21. Before then, Newman has passed along the alluring b-side cut "Floating on a Salt Lake," a jacking slab of titillating house that can't help but to seduce listeners into the depths of its hefty bass and sedating chords. During the course of its seven-minute run, the tune methodically builds before takeing a tantalizing breath, diving into complete silence only to bring back an even deeper bass that guides the remainder of the tune to its climax.  

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Download: VVV "Present Tense"

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Label: Hush Hush

Hailng from Austin, Texas VVV is the chosen moniker of Shawhin Izaddoost, a producer who can often be found exploring the more tender ends of slow-motion beatwork. Kicking off his forthcoming Separate Planes EP for Seattle's Hush Hush label is "Present Tense," a rain-soaked cut which laces its simple, understated beat with long-winded chords and a syncopated assemblage of gushing vocal chops. Spending little time on an intro, here VVV instead focuses on the track's gradual conclusion, which utilizes the tune's final minute to methodically break down "Present Tense," elongating its dreamy atmosphere and sinking the listener deeper into VVV's chosen textures. "Present Tense" and five other similarly nocturnal efforts will be available on VVV's Separate Planes EP when it drops on April 21. 

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Download: Hotel Lauer "Smend"

After nearly 30 years of being brothers, Phillip Lauer (a.k.a. Lauer, half of Tuff City Kids) and Jacob Lauer formed Hotel Lauer, and will issue the project's first release with the upcoming Brudis EP. "Smend," which is taken from that record, is an animated mesh of club-ready retro pads, thumping percussion, and sounds which seem to reference the duo's '80s upbringing. Sporting a colorful range of activity, the brothers' production executes a plethora of blips and synth loops in a surprisingly cohesive manner, and is careful to do away with any clutter. Before Hotel Lauer's Brudis EP drops on April 21 via Live At Robert Johnson, snippets of the release are available to stream after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Pamina "Blue Mountain"

Budding French duo Pamina (a.k.a. Nils Malgoyre and Pierre Romat) recently shared a mixtape in conjuction with fledgling UK outpost Lost Tribe, and will soon see its When We Were Young EP hit the stands on May 5 via the same label. Preceding that release, the Bordeaux-based pair has given us the feathery "Blue Mountain" from the aforementioned mix. The six-minute tune prominently features lightly skittering synths and distorted low-end tones, all of which are accented with gentle percussive arrangements and twinkling beeps. In addition to "Blue Mountain," Pamina's intriguingly eclectic Lost Tribe Mixtape can be streamed and downloaded for free after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: D.E. "Tyvn"

Label: TAR

LA label TAR's semi-regular free EP series returns to the fold with a new effort from hometown producer D.E.. "Tyvn" opens the three-track Samadhi Vol. 1 EP by loosely cobbling together a collection of disparate rhythmic elements—thick hats pulse atop the mix while overdriven kicks rumble below, leaving plenty of space for D.E.'s assortment of snaps, claps, and clicks to explore the rest of the sonic field. The SoCal producer's assemblage of percussion is joined only by a sparse collection of additional elements, as the spacious beat implements a handful of pads and echoed vocal snippets to ride out its two-plus-minute run. The rest of D.E.'s EP for TAR is now free to download via the label's Bandcamp.  

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