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Download: Curses "Shadows Rising"

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Taking a fair amount of inspiration from climatic '80s soundtrack themes, "Shadows Rising" is set to close out the forthcoming Heartbeat EP from Curses, an alias of NYC producer Luca Venezia (perhaps better known as Drop the Lime). Following closely behind his recent outing for Throne of Blood, Curses will next land on Brooklyn's fledgling Safer at Night imprint, and while the upcoming EP's other two tracks are more of what we'd expect from Venezia—dark, vintage-striped house numbers—"Shadows Rising" appears set to serve as an interesting note to end the record on. Aside from its simple hat pattern and occasional bits of extra percussion, "Shadows Rising" is a synth-streaked ambient composition, one led by a thick melodic refrain and kept buoyant by an undulating analog bass sequence. Curses' full Heartbeat EP will see a release on August 19. 

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Download: Drvg Cvltvre "Telepathic War"

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Ahead of two upcoming EPs for NYC's Nervous label (Snakes the Size of London and Snails the Size of London, respectively), Dutch producer Drvg Cvltvre has shared bonus cut "Telepathic War" to help whet our palates. Having in the past described his own music as "doomed-out psychic house," this new production certainly fits the mold, taking shape as more of a sonic collage with a drum beat underneath it than a traditional dancefloor workout. Spanning eight minutes, Drvg Cvltvre buries a heavy-handed four-on-the-floor beneath unwieldily synths and distorted FX, resulting in a track that is clearly not for the faint of heart. 

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Download: Stephon Alexander & Rioux "Tessellation"

Label: Connect

Earlier this month, Brooklyn producer Rioux and Trinidadian astrophysicist/sax player (quite the combination) Stephon Alexander worked together to create Here Comes Now, a "psychedelic dance record [that] explores the relationship between science—namely the creation of the universe—and electronic music." Pulled from the record is "Tessellation," a delicate composition which navigates celestial bell pads with a skittering, off-kilter beat. From there, Alexander takes the lead, unraveling patient spells of solo saxophone, which come bathed in reverb and occasionally pushed through layers of delay, all of which helps the reeded instrument sit seamlessly in the mix. Out now via the Connect label, Rioux's and Alexander's full collaborative album can be streamed after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: CL Moons "Trippin (H-SIK Remix)"

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Budding Liverpool beatmaker SertOne (who recently appeared in our Downloads section) is preparing to release a new EP under his CL Moons alias next week. To help spread the word of the footwork-oriented project's debut outing, the producer has sent along H-SIK's remix of "Trippin," the forthcoming 1992 EP's lead track. On his rework, the Dutch producer strips back the rush of rhythms used in Cl Moons' original, electing to instead focus on a pulsating bassline, buzzing synth stabs, and only the most efficient layers of sharp percussion. Featuring five ravey, footwork-indebted originals and four remixes (including H-SIK's featured here), CL Moons' 1992 will see an official release via the Cosmonostro label on August 11.  

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Download: The Wolf "Mr. Invisible (Silk 86 Remix)"

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This slick reworked version of the track from London pair Silk 86 (pictured above) counts the second time The Wolf's "Mr. Invisible" has appeared in our Downloads section—Hypercolour affiliate James Welsh's version of the tune having landed back in April. Upon being revisited by Silk 86, "Mr. Invsible" (originally released via the Silver Bear label in May) is hereturned into a deep house groover where shuffling percussion and sweeping chords meet the echoes of airy vocals and light melodic flourishes. In the end, it all makes for a rather alluring effort from the budding Silk 86 pair, who are also set to drop a free EP via its own SoundCloud page before the month is through. 

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Download: The Shoes "B-More Blind"

Label: [re]sources

The Shoes' rushing "B-More Blind" comes from HUMAN [RE]SOURCES Vol. 1, a new digital compilation put together by the freshly launched Parisian label [re]sources. Joining 13 other bootlegs, edits, and originals from fellow French production outfits, The Shoes' contribution to the collection takes on Stevie Wonder's "Living for the City," reshaping the classic soul tune into a driving club number, flushed with B-More-indebted breaks and layers of screaming synths. Out today, the entire HUMAN [RE]SOURCES Vol. 1 compilation can be streamed in full after the jump and downloaded for free here.  Read more » 

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Download: crowdsource "Gone Up"

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Label: Hush Hush

Having formerly released under the name Baobab, North Carolina-based electronic musician (and author of philosophical texts) Phil Torres will release a new EP later this month under the name crowdsource. Pulled from his four-track Bit Rot Blues EP is "Gone Up," a lighthearted production which gleefully plays around with the house formula. Pulsing around 110 bpm, the tune folds skipping hats, a simple clap, and a restless bass sequence into its run, eventually landing on bits of syncopated MIDI piano and an ever-evolving series of somewhat unconventional vocal samples as the breezy track moves along. An intriguing first peek into crowdsource's artistic world, "Gone Up" will be joined by three other exuberant reinterpretations of house when the Bit Rot Blues EP sees its release on August 18 via Seattle's ever-expanding Hush Hush label. 

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