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Download: Matt Karmil "Sinkhole"

Label: PNN

Germany-based newcomer Matt Karmil will soon see the release of his debut full-length titled ---- on April 28 for German imprint PNN. The LP will follow a string of recent 12'' releases that put the rising producer on the map, garnering him attention for his uniquely textured aesthetic that is ever present in album cut "Sinkhole." Featured here, the hazy tune layers dusty samples and an understated acid melody atop Karmil's sunken shuffle. In addition to the cloudy "Sinkhole" tune, the entirety of Karmil's ---- LP is available to stream here.  

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Download: Casino Times "Some of Her Love (Version)"

First Listen

A newly retooled version of a tune first released by the pair back in 2012, "Some of Her Love (Version)" finds London pair Casino Times (a.k.a. Nick Church and Joseph Spencer) digging deep into hypnotic grooves and detailed percussion. Spanning over eight minutes, the track focuses on a single loop of filtered soul, on top of which the duo builds a cyclical assemblage of shuffling rhythms which gradually pick up meticulous percussion hits as the production rolls along. In the end, "Some of Her Love (Version)" is hard not to sink into; it's elongated run wisely substituting genuine, deep-reaching groove for superfluous sonic flashes.  

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Download: Pixelord "Shuffleclub"

Today, Russian label Hyperboloid drops its first vinyl release in the form of the 20-track #INTERNETGHETTO #RUSSIA compilation, and here we have label co-head Pixelord's contribution to that collection. Filled with a broad range of oddball 8-bit sounds and cartoony FX, "Shuffleclub" is a playful and imaginative club track, and one that never seems to take itself too seriously. Featuring buoyant percussion and vibrant vocal snippets, Pixelord keeps his production fresh and entertaining with an ever-changing gallery of absurd sonics. 

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Download: Caltrop "Chunky Express"

Label: Jacktone

Fledgling San Francisco label Jacktone released an ambitious 23-track compilation this week, simply titled Jacktone 002. Presented across two cassettes, the compilation highlights a number of budding production talents including Oakland resident Caltrop, whose jacking contribution to the collection, "Chunky Express," is featured here. Taking shape as an unhurried piece of house, Caltrop's effort piles starry-eyed organs, sweeping synth chords, and lo-fidelity strings atop its stripped drum-machine core, which maintains a steady pulse throughout the track's five-plus-minute run. "Chunky Express" is joined by a wide range of other dance music hybrids on Jacktone 002, which covers hardware house, efficient techno, cosmic disco, and propulsive darkwave across its comprehensive tracklist. Out now, the full double-cassette collection can be streamed and ordered via Jacktone's Bandcamp page

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Download: Anenon "Ink"

LA producer Anenon (a.k.a. Brian Simon) has teased the release of his forthcoming second album Sagrada, which will appear via his own Non Projects label later this year. Before then, the former XLR8R podcast contributor has passed along non-album cut "Ink" to taste. Starting off with just a simple drum-machine beat and a scaling synth pad, Anenon gradually introduces more intricate percussive rhythms and varying melodies that multiply and interweave in a linear fashion, only for the track to eventually revert back to its original state as it closes its run. "Ink" is pulled from Anenon's recently published collection of unreleased beats, which—for those interested in further listening—is available to stream after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Weber "L.M.P."

First Listen
Label: Holger

Leipzig-based producer Philipp Weber—who also serves as half of the Webermichelson duo—will be releasing a solo mini-album via the Holger label on May 19. Plainly titled Eins, or "one" in German, the mini-album is explained by Weber to be "like speaking a language without knowing its grammar [and] still trying to find the right words." Lifted from his forthcoming album, the somber "L.M.P" track precisely mirrors Weber's description, as skittering, harshly plucked strings and propelling synth waves are erratically mixed with squeaking and distorted field recordings of miscellaneous objects. The results make for an eerily writhing and contorted tune.  

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Download: Noah Pred "Devil's Quadrant (Tomas Jirku Instrumental Remix)"

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Late last year, Thoughtless label head Noah Pred released Third Culture, an ambitious LP which incorporated a number of collaborative works. This week, Pred has followed up that album with Third Culture Remixed, a collection of reworks which enlists the likes of Lando, Steven Tang, and Tomas Jirku, among others. Here, we have the instrumental version of Jirku's take on "Devil's Quadrant," which raps bubbling synth sequences and light acid melodies around low-reaching bass and a solid techno backbone. The non-instrumental version of Jirku's refix can be found on the 10-track Third Culture Remixed collection, out now via Pred's Thoughtless imprint. 

Average: 8.4 (24 votes)


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