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Download: DNGLS "Downstep"

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Last month, Barcelona label Anemone debuted with the three-track Heliris EP from vowelless newcomer DNGLS. Here, we have "Downstep," a bonus cut from that record which patiently digs underneath layers of swirling strings and cyclical arpeggio patterns. Covering over seven minutes across its heavy-handed run, the track evolves in only the most gradual phases, becoming a more and more hypnotic affair as its tumbling rhythms chug along. Out now, DNGLS' Heliris EP can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

Average: 7.4 (34 votes)

Download: Josh Mace "Monolith"

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Formerly a San Francisco resident, Josh Mace is now an Akron, Ohio-based producer/DJ who is set to release his Without a Gimmick EP via the Car Crash Set label next month. Pulled from the upcoming effort is "Monolith," a dense production whose sonic weight comes in the form of thick, cyclical chords and detailed layers of dubbed-out sonics. Amongst the tune's rattling rhythms and weighted textures, Mace focuses on a single Nas sample, which is said to come in a variety of chopped forms across the artist's forthcoming Without a Gimmick EP, which will see its release in early August, to be followed by another EP from the producer for Barcelona's Tracy imprint. 

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Download: Lost Midas "Archetype Forgotten"

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Label: Tru Thoughts

It's not a coincidence that Lost Midas' upcoming Off the Course LP is slated for a summer-time release; languid guitars, hazy melodies, and a driving, mid-tempo beat make album cut "Archetype Forgotten" a good fit for endlessly warm evenings and sunlit road trips. Landing in similar territory as likeminded producers Tycho and Com Truise, Lost Midas doesn't overthink his task on "Archetype Forgotten," instead the LA producer weaves together sugary melodic lines and sun-kissed tones, rendering the track an effortlessly enjoyable experience. The rest of Lost Midas' Off the Course LP is set to drop on July 29 via the Tru Thoughts label. 

Average: 8.6 (38 votes)

Download: Ba-kuura "dream_sim"

Label: Hyperboloid

"dream_sim" is one of six tracks to appear on Atlanta duo Ba-kuura's Super Dream_sim EP, out today via our most recent XLR8R podcast contributor Pixelord's Hyperboloid label. Spanning just under four minutes, "dream_sim" packs a slew of video game-inspired melodies between its sparse rhythms, diverging into glowing pools of weightless synths throughout the course of its run. Out now, the rest of Ba-kuura's melody-streaked new EP can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

Average: 8.3 (42 votes)

Download: Keaton Henson "Elevator Song (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)"

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London musician and composer Keaton Henson (pictured above) recently released Romantic Works, a record billed as his "first collection of classical compositions" which strung together nine dense works consisting of piano, cello, filed recordings, and various found sounds. Following the record's release, Henson enlisted German synthscape master and former XLR8R podcast contributor Ulrich Schnauss to rework LP cut "Elevator Song." As one may have expected, the cinematic qualities of Henson's original fits easily within the pastoral inclinations of Schnauss, who wraps lush pads and a slow-brewing arpeggio sequence around the composition's delicate piano melodies and long-winded cello phrases. 

Average: 8.9 (98 votes)

Download: Reid "Singapore"

Label: M:UK

Irish producer Reid is preparing to drop Fractures, a six-track EP which will find the artist weaving a few vocal collaborations into his wistful electronic efforts. Here we have one of Fractures' instrumental affairs; built around a punchy set of piano chords, "Singapore" laces its pulsing run with interlocked melodic layers, which weave between the producer's sharp and efficient drum programming. The result is somewhat reminiscent of Gold Panda's knack for melody-striped electronics, but where the Ghostly affiliate seems to favor dustier textures, Reid elects to finish off his tracks with a polished glow. The budding Dublin-based producer's Fractures EP is set to see its release on August 11. 

Average: 9 (83 votes)

Download: Circle Traps "What It Holds"

First Listen
Label: Lex

Circle Traps is the combined effort of UK artists Jack Wyllie, Duncan Bellamy, and Will Ward. Together, the trio will release its third EP, Machine City, next month via the Lex label, from which the synth-led "What It Holds" comes to us. Appearing in the second half of the upcoming effort, the production is built around a driving drum machine and interweaving layers of thick arpeggio sequences, which are generously manipulated and bathed in FX as they twist throughout the tune's four-plus-minute run. The rest of Circle Traps' Machine City EP will be available when the five-track record sees its official release on July 28. 

Average: 7.7 (43 votes)

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