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Download: Khotin "Flight Theme"

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Label: 1080p

Ahead of the release of Hello World, his forthcoming debut for Vancouver's 1080p label, Canadian producer Khotin (full name Dylan Khotin-Foote) has shared blissed-out EP cut "Flight Theme" for free download. The full eight-track effort is described as "light, textural daydream house," and the selection on offer holds true to the descriptor, with gauzy pads diffused over Rhodes keys and lucid, skipping percussion. Due out on July 1 in both digital and cassette formats, the EP follows from Khotin's recent 12" for local Edmonton-based imprint Normals Welcome, and lands among 1080p releases from artists like Auscultation (a.k.a. Golden Donna) and LNRDCROY.  

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Download: A-Wax "No One (Elio Stereo's Dupersonic Remix)"

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Label: Tiefparterre

Released earlier this week, the No One/ Go On EP serves as the proper debut outing from A-Wax, a Portugal-born producer who was raised in Switzerland. Accompanying the budding producer's two original tracks on his new EP are a pair of remixes from Dizzy Womack and Elio Stereo, the latter of which is featured here. Taking on A-Wax's "No One," Atalanta producer Elio Stereo tones down the sci-fi tones of the original, bringing the track down to a more basement-ready level where machine-made sonics meet with rounded bass and dubbed chords. In addition to offering a download of Elio Stereo's remix below, A-Wax's debut EP is also available to preview after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Veez-O "Residuo"

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Label: CT-HI

Described as the crew's "jazz player," Veez-O's "Residuo" is one of four jazz-tinged beats set to appear on the Contemporary Theories II EP, the second in a series of records issued by Milan's budding CT-HI label/collective. Reported to have been produced by crew member Parker Madicine, "Residuo" is built on lop-sided rhythms which provide a loose, thumping path for Veez-O's soaring synth melodies and dexterous key playing to follow. Out on Monday, June 30, the collective's soul-tinged Contemporary Theories II EP can be streamed in full after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Afefe Iku "Zero Degrees"

Label: Yoruba

The latest release from house veteran Osunlade's Yoruba label comes from fellow Grecian producer Afefe Iku. On his Order of Direction EP, Iku constructs lattice-like synth structures, which ride atop steady rhythmic beds. One such effort is "Zero Degrees," a five-plus-minute expedition marked by analog arpeggios and rich pads that swell up from the lower depths of the slow-driving production. Out now, Afefe Iku's Order of Direction EP can be streamed in full after the jump.  Read more » 

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Download: Epiphany "Player"

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The upcoming Last Gasp EP will find European producer Damian Schwartz returning to his own A Harmless Deed imprint with a new outing under his Epiphany alias. Resting in the middle of the three-track effort is "Player," a slow-brewing selection that spends the majority of its run conjuring beds of galactic synth work. Around the three-minute mark, Schwartz begins to strip his extended production down, letting a loose-swung drum machine and shaker lead the charge while a thick analog bassline follows not too far behind. Out on June 30, the the Last Gasp EP will serve as A Harmless Deed's eighth record since its founding in 2012, and the third effort from for the label from Schwartz's synth-obsessed Epiphany alias. 

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Download: Application "Front End"

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Label: Dust Science

"Front End" is one of 10 tracks which will appear on System Fork, the upcoming album from Application, a new project launched by Martin and Richard Dust of UK outfit The Black Dog. Eschewing the usual production process of studio experimentation, for Application's tracks, the two artists have chosen to methodically plan out every detail of its productions before ever beginning to put them together. In the case of "Front End," the resulting composition is a precise electronic excursion, one where hiss-laden hats and snappy snares give an industrial edge to the tune's sci-fi synth work and steady low-end pulse. The full System Fork LP will debut the Application project when it lands on June 30 via the Dust Science outpost. 

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Download: Koyote "No Desillusion Baby"

Koyote's "No Desillusion Baby" serves as the closing cut to SND.PE VOL.03: Raw Club Material, the new compilation from Parisian label Sound Pellegrino. Built around a slightly swung drum machine rhythm, Koyote's production indulges in an array of analog synth tones, which slither around the track's rattling percussion. Steadily, the French beatmaker adds new layers of buzzing keys, which move even more loosely around jacking snares and kicks until, just before things get too out on control, Koyote eventually brings the focus back to the the track's original groove. 

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