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  • 07/19/2010

First Listen

Maddslinky "Ruled By Your Motions"

From venerable dubstep progenitor Zed Bias comes this new tune produced under his Maddslinky moniker. The smooth shuffle of "Ruled By Your Motions" is taken from the forthcoming Maddslinky album for Tru Thoughts, entitled Make a Change. It starts out innocently enough: swirls of ambient noise and processed field recordings undulate beneath sparse, pattering hi-hats while a subtle melody slowly rises to the surface, bringing a skittering beat with it. Eventually, Maddslinky introduces his fat bassline into the mix, which quite effortlessly holds the entire production together. It's as stellar a track as one would expect from someone with a rap sheet like Bias', and certainly leads us to believe more wonderful things will be heard when Make a Change is released this October.

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