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  • 08/02/2010

Para One "Toadstool (LOL Boys Remix)"

If you've been keeping up with our unending string of downloadable tunes, or if you read our actual magazine, you may have noticed our bubblin' interest in the bass-laden, tropically flavored dance beats coming from Californian/Canadian production duo LOL Boys. Since the duo is only getting started (Jerome Potter and Markus Garcia have yet to release their first official EP), we're chomping at the bit to snag whatever the Boys have put their name to. The rubbery rhythms, chopped-up vocal melody, and thick washes of bass frequencies on this remix of Para One's playful "Toadstool," from Scion A/V's latest compilation with French label Sound Pellegrino, Straight From the Spring (pictured above), go pretty far towards satiating our LOL needs. And make sure to snag the rest of the EP, with jams from Harvard Bass, Mamma's Boy, Gucci Vump, and more, here.

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