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  • 08/26/2010


Steve Starks "Git Em (Munchi's Kuduro Remix)"

This overstimulating remix of the new Steve Starks (pictured above) track, "Git Em," didn't make it onto the official release because the producer was a bit late in getting it to the label, the Tittsworth- and DJ Ayres-run T&A. But that doesn't make this rework from Dutch tunesmith Munchi any less deserving of praise or attention. Most people know him for his experiements with moombahton (like this one here), but this kuduro treatment of Starks' bass-heavy club smasher is an intricately crafted track filled with a number of energetic micro-samples, a huge amount or percussive sounds, and enough hyped-up, atonal synth noise to push a dancefloor over the edge into 'crazy' territory. Truthfully, you could say that for just about any of the five songs that did make it onto the Git Em EP, which includes remixes from Zombies for Money, Dillon Francis, and DJ Ayres. You can preview and purchase the whole thing here, and keep an eye out for Munchi's own T&A EP, which should see the light of day in the next few months.

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