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Download: Neurotic Drum Band "Neurotic Erotic Adventure (Dub Mix)"

Label: Wurst

The first New York edition of the Unsound Festival is just a few days away, so the festival organizers have been kind enough to stuff our inbox with all kinds of exclusive goodies from the participating artists. Take this previously unreleased Dub Mix of "Neurotic Exotic Adventure," which strips the vocals out of the Neurotic Drum Band's original and takes its psychedelic, slow-motion space disco even further into orbit. The NY duo will be performing at the Brooklyn Electronic Music Showcase on February 11 with Morgan Geist and Blondes. 

Average: 6.3 (32 votes)

Download: Oy "Snake (Mexicans with Guns Remix)"

Label: Creaked

Next week, Switzerland's Oy will be releasing her debut album, First Box, Then Walk. "Snake" is just one of 27(!) tracks on the record, yet its sultry vocals and warped take on electronic pop serve as a suitable primer. This Mexicans with Guns remix, taken from the "Snake" single, actually tones down the weirdness by swapping out Oy's loop-based noodling with chunky basslines and warbling synth melodies. Oy still sounds like an oddball, but this version is a solid, mid-tempo head-nodder. 

Average: 7.8 (57 votes)

Download: Polargeist "Home From the Can (Tensnake Remix)"

Label: Bang Gang

Little information is available about Polargeist other than it's the musical output of two guys from Germany. Here, the a-side from their first 12" is remixed by fellow Deutschlander Tensnake. He takes out the warbling low-end and buzzy synths of "Home From the Can," and transforms the whole mess into a smooth and funky disco-influenced house number—complete with a playful sax hook. Given the noisy source material, Tensnake's version isn't the most obvious direction for a remix, but it nonetheless provides a pleasantly mellow counterpoint to Polargeist's original. 

Average: 6.9 (51 votes)

Download: Mux Mool "Lady Linda"

Label: Ghostly

Be it dirty, sampled breaks or shimmery, electronic loops, the mark of a great hip-hop producer usually lies more in the bang-and-slap than notable melodies. Yet Brian Lindgren (a.k.a. Mux Mool) has no need to worry, as the Brooklyn producer is strong in both categories. His new single, "Lady Linda," makes use of all his talents as it oscillates focus between a few Boards of Canada-esque synthlines and a shuffling beat that could make FlyLo jealous. The track precedes Mux Mool's forthcoming Viking Funeral EP and his debut full-length for Ghostly, entitled Skulltaste

Average: 7.7 (114 votes)

Download: Pavel Ambiont "Error Asking Thread to Dub"


When the Unsound Festival kicks off in New York next week, many people will flock to see heavy hitters like Carl Craig and Vladislav Delay or buzzworthy up-and-comers like Untold. Yet the festival curators have taken special care to invite all sorts of artists to participate, and the man traveling the farthest to perform is none other than Belarusian dub-techno producer Pavel Ambiont. Although his name may not ring out quite yet, the analog pulse of "Error Asking Thread to Dub" is proof that you can never can be sure exactly who is going to blow your mind at festivals like this one. Ambiont will be performing on February 13 as part of the Bass Mutations showcase alongside Untold, 2562, TRG, Pole, and FaltyDL—not a bad introduction to the United States. 

Average: 7.6 (51 votes)

Download: Rimer London "Intercity"

Label: Magnetron

Crafty producers have been churning out upbeat, analog-synth-powered dance tunes for decades now, but the infectious nature of a good arpeggio is practically undeniable, especially when paired with a solid backbeat. Amsterdam's Rimer London, who also spends time in electro-disco outfit Le Le, has learned this lesson well, as "Intercity" is a delicious dose of spacey-yet-danceable electronic pop. You know, the kind that vaguely recalls the early '80s when people loved/feared technology in a totally naive way and everyone couldn't wait for someone to invent a robot that knew how to love. That's what 1983 was like, right? 

Average: 6.5 (40 votes)

Download: BFlecha "Ceja De Carnival"

Label: Arkestra

Sounding something like a lush combination of Hudson Mohawke's stuttering productions and Top 40 radio's sugary hooks, "Ceja De Carnival," from Spain's BFlecha, is a surprisingly brilliant original track to be coming from such a young artist, especially one whose native stomping grounds in Galicia aren't exactly known as a hotbed of wonky beats. The talented female producer seems to not only know her way around a solid hip-hop beat, but also the kind of synth work that makes those kinds of productions flow so well. You can grab "Ceja De Carnival" along with its B-side, "Kosmic Lovers," from Arkestra in February. 

Average: 7.9 (151 votes)

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