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Download: Glimpse & Alex Jones "Bad Monday"

Label: Glimpse

Powerhouse producer Glimpse (with a little help from Alex Jones) has got the skillet spiced up and fully ablaze on this jackin’ number from his upcoming EP, The Lazer Bather. Rolled up tight in a thick batter of deep techno then dipped in a light coating of jazz, the tune leaves us feeling stuffed, yet somehow craving more. 

Average: 6.7 (23 votes)

Download: Fukkk Offf "Love Me Hate Me Kiss Me Kill Me (Disco of Doom Remix)"

In the world of European producer Fukkk Offf, rave is king, and things haven't changed a bit on his new album Love Me Hate Me Kiss Me Kill Me. Here, Coco Machete labelmates Disco of Doom give the title track the royal treatment on their brooding, buzzing rave-up of a remix.  

Average: 6.5 (46 votes)

Download: Neon Indian "Terminally Chill"

Label: Lefse

One part Austin and one part Brooklyn, Neon Indian creates lush, psychedelic disco-pop that plays like a teenage Daft Punk writing songs for their first girlfriend. Their wonderfully titled first single, "Terminally Chill," is just a sweet taste of the bedroom ballads to come on their debut LP Psychic Chasms.  

Average: 6.5 (32 votes)

Download: Omar Faruk Tekbilek "Hasret (Flosstradamus remix)"

This destined dancefloor hit from Turkish import Omar Faruk Tekbilek bangs, clanks, and hisses—just like the steam press he used to operate before he turned his sights away from the clothing factory and locked them onto the music circuit. Luckily, J2K and Autobot of Flosstradamus were two of several producers to get their paws on his tunes for the recently released Rare Elements remix album, and as we expected, they have crunked it up a bit.  

Average: 6.9 (36 votes)

Download: DJ JS-1 "Nuthin"

Label: Fat Beats

DJ JS-1 of the world famous Rock Steady Crew has been a bright, pulsating blip pinging across the hip-hop radar as of late and this track from the second installment of his Ground Original series is the proof in the pudding. This jazzed-up number has Brother Ali, CL Smooth, and Sadat X flexing microphone muscles, as JS-1 gets busy on the ones and twos. 


Average: 6.7 (28 votes)

Download: Boy In Static "Starlet (Freezepop remix)"

Label: Fake Four

The new wave revivalists in Beantown’s Freezepop take aim and fire at the second single from Boy In Static’s latest longplayer, Candy Cigarette, spraying it down with a cool wash of '80s synth veneer that harkens back to the golden days of New Order and the Factory Records gang.  

Average: 7.7 (63 votes)

Download: Uproot Andy "Brooklyn Cumbia"

Label: Nacional

Between their summer tour and the recent release of both ZZK Sound Vol.2 and Villa Diamante's Empacho Digital, Buenos Aires' Zizek crew seems to be everywhere these days. That includes Brooklyn, where Uproot Andy has been holding it down with all sorts of Afro-Latin rhythms. With its bouncy synths and steady cumbia beat, it's no surprise that "Brooklyn Cumbia" leads off the ZZK Sound Vol. 2 compilation. 

Average: 7.6 (67 votes)

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