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Download: Panther "Like a Bridge on Fire"

Panther may have ditched the electro-based freak-out jams that first won him the attention of the music scene, but fear not. The man born Charlie Salas-Humara, along with drummer Joe Kelly, who was enlisted in 2007, remain dynamic songwriters, as evidenced by the hooks, high-pitched vocals, and off-kilter pianos on this track.



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Download: Duchess Says "Melon"

Label: Alien8

Runny mascara, a decidedly punk ethos, and outrageous onstage antics (that sometimes end with injury) inform much of the work of Montreal four-piece Duchess Says, and here's a track that's less dance-punk than it is an all out musical catharsis. "Melon" is off Anthologie Des 3 Perchoirs, out now. 


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Download: Soil & "PIMP" Sessions "Fantastic Planet"

Label: Brownswood

XLR8R scribe Sarah Bentley once dubbed the music made by Tokyo-based collective Soil & "PIMP" Sessions as "death jazz." We see what she means on this track, in which punk-rock, jazz-funk, and Latin flavors collide here with a force (and lots of cymbals). "Fantastic Planet" is off the band's new album, Pimp Planet, out now. 


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Download: Ear Pwr "Future Eyes"

Label: Carpark

Disco-style synths, hard-hitting electro beats, and incessant chanting. Welcome to the frenzied world of Devin Booze and Sarah Reynolds (a.k.a. Ear Pwr). The duo has unleashed this track, off its forthcoming Super Animal Brothers III, to liven up the afternoon. Super Animal Brothers III is out May 19.


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Download: Michna "Swiss Glide"

Label: Ghostly

Since the release of his debut full-length, Magic Monday, Michna (born Adrian Michna) has been making a name for himself with his particular blend of funk-driven hip-hop, and more often than not, this means a horn section is involved. Check this track for further evidence. 


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Download: Odd Nosdam "Fly Mode"

Label: antion.

David P. Madson (a.k.a. Odd Nosdam) showcases both his love of skateboards and his fondness for multiple genres on his latest release, T.I.M.E. File this track under orchestral avant-hop. T.I.M.E. is out now. 


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Download: Buraka Som Sistema "Kalemba (Wegue Wegue) (Hot Chip Remix)"

What happens when the boys from Hot Chip get their hands on a track from kuduro DJ/production team Buraka Som Sistema? This rowdy, bouncing remix that combines techno rhythms with Latin sensibilities and should please fans of both groups. The original version of "Kalemba (Wegue Wegue) appears on BSS' debut full-length, Black Diamond, out April 7. 

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