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Download: Odd Nosdam and Jel "Tune in an Afternoon"

Amazing what a trip to the junk store can get these days. XLR8R armed anticon. co-conspirators Jel and Odd Nosdam with 40 bucks and challenged them to come up with a track in a single afternoon, made solely from records they found at a shop in West Berkeley, CA. The result, the aptly titled "Tune in an Afternoon" is a beat-heavy breeze—hazy, psychedelic, and perfect for a summer afternoon. Watch XLR8R TV Episode 102 to see Jel and Odd Nosdam shopping, sampling, and discussing the creative process behind the track. 

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Download: MachineDrum "Late Night Operation Feat. Theophilus London"

Label: Normrex

The ever-prolific Travis Stewart is back with yet-another album as MachineDrum, and if you're not familiar with that particular moniker, think pop-drenched hip-hop that's been run through the synthesizer a few dozen times and given a finishing touch by someone like Daft Punk. "Late Night Operation" appears on Stewart's forthcoming album, Want to 1 2, which will drop on Normrex in 2009. 


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Download: Fidel Nadal "Emocionado"

Label: Nacional

Argentinian-born Fidel Nadal's recently released Crucial Cuts gathers some of his most notable work from the last 10 years and makes for quite the Latin/Afro Caribbean sampler. Nadal, it seems, also crafted his share of roots reggae over the last decade, as evidenced by this track.



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Download: Dan Deacon "Red F"

Label: Carpark

Dan Deacon's Bromst, finally out today, is right up there with Animal Collective's Merriweather Post Pavilion in terms of pre-release hype, and it's a safe bet that half the people reading this have already heard the former in its entirety. For those who haven't, "Red F" is the second track off Baltimore DIY ringleader's new album, for which he employed a 15-piece band to assist with the musical orchestration. Photo by Josh Sisk. 


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Download: The Presets "If I Know You (Tania & Jori Version)"

Label: Modular

Australian electro gurus The Presets seem to crop up every other week with a new project or show date. The duo's latest endeavor (besides yet-another tour) comes in the form of a collectors' edition of the single "If I Know You" (off 2008's Apocalypso). The release will be packaged with several remixes, and here's the version from Tania and Jori Hulkkonen, where the minimal meets the ethereal. If I Know You will be released in early April. 


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Download: Black Dice "Glazin"

Label: Paw Tracks

Here's more of the mulched-up, bizarre, and vaguely danceable music we've come to expect from the Brooklyn-based trio of aural alchemists known as Black Dice. "Glazin" comes courtesy of the band's previously announced fifth full-length, REPO, due out April 7.



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Download: Fever Ray "When I Grow Up (Lissvik Remix)"

Label: Mute

Karin Dreijer Andersson's Fever Ray single, "When I Grow Up," gets the remix treatment from Studio member Dan Lissvik here. The original is an ominous affair, which he plays up by slowing the tempo to a crawl and letting the static creep in, but the entire thing is offset by the random appearance of some tropical-sounding guitars.


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