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Download: Kwaidan "Masaki (Excerpt)"

Mat Ranson, well-known for his work under his Fisk Industries moniker, diverges from his usual dubbed-out hip-hop styled productions for a slow, synth-heavy techno-meets-dubstep sound as Kwaidan, his one-off project stimulated by watching a movie of the same name by Masaki Kobayashi. In this slowly evolving exclusive excerpt from Masaki, hard-hitting drum programming coupled with a cavernous, multi-faceted low-end lays the groundwork for profoundly eerie, shrieking effects and spacey, dithering synths. The track is saturated with ethereal, textured sounds that create a paranormal sense akin to Kobayashi’s original ghost stories. 

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Download: Little Jinder "Polyhedron (Black Holes Remix)"

A little while back, we predicted that Trouble & Bass signee Little Jinder–whose ethereal, melody-driven Polyhedron EP is something of an anomaly amid the label's pile of bass-heavy releases–would soon get the remix treatment. That time has now arrived. The T&B crew recently held a remix contest for the EP's title track, with winning tracks by Supra1, The Boys and Girls Club, Aumenaire, and our personal favorite, Black Holes. The latter slides a meticulously programmed beat underneath the original melody, then adds some trademark T&B elements to the track. Dark synth lines, deep bass, reverb-heavy vocals, and high energy reign here. The T&B crew is compiling the aforementioned remixes, plus ones from label members Drop the Lime, Math Head, Goon & Koyote, and others, onto a 10-track release titled Polyhedron Remixed, headed for record stores in the near future. Jennifer Marston 


Average: 7.6 (51 votes)

Download: Bag Raiders "Turbo Love"

The sound of Aussie exports Gus Da Hoodrat, Jack Sabbath, and Chris Brave (a.k.a. Bag Raiders) is, according to their buds at the BangGang 12 Inches label, “a bit familiar but you can’t pick it so you just keep dancing.” “Turbo Love,” from their forthcoming EP of the same name, set for November release, opens with victory instrumentals soaring over a short snippet of demented, tweaky, heavy beats. Then in bounds the rich, feel-good 4/4 party chords accompanied by electro-funk talk-box vocals and synthetic handclaps. After a brief, sentimental interlude, the trio summarily rebuilds the cheerful layers, carrying the party to its full potential and then leaving before everyone else does. Lulu McAllister 


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Download: The Sea and Cake "Car Alarm"

It has been a busy 15 years since The Sea and Cake formed, but even a hectic performance schedule can’t keep these indie-rock veterans out of the studio for long. The Chicago-based group’s eighth full-length record, Car Alarm, is set to come out at the end of October. “Car Alarm,” the namesake single, features fuzzy guitars in balance with charming, sharp counter-guitar in the background. Lead instrumentalists Sam Prekop and Archer Prewitt deliver sweet, breathy vocals that coo and dance around a richly layered pop melody and hard-hitting percussion. This luscious track seamlessly translates the band’s live performance into the studio setting. Lulu McAllister 


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Download: CLP "Spaceballs feat. Spoek, Damaged Good$, Cerebral Vortex"

CLP (formerly


Average: 7.8 (59 votes)

Download: Windy & Carl "My Love"

Label: kranky

Having been together for 19 years, couple and music-making duo Windy & Carl are well acquainted with the spectrum of emotion experienced in the world of love. Musically, they construct luscious, meandering soundscapes and blossoming tones that express both enchanting beauty and heart-wrenching despair. Due out on October 13, Songs For The Broken Hearted, the duo’s fourth album on kranky, is a collection of love songs transmitting the highs and lows encountered during the wild ride. A song about revitalization of devotion and hope, “My Love” elicits thoughts of cuddling up with a warm, fuzzy blanket for an afternoon nap on a rainy day. 

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Download: Fredrik "Black Fur"

Label: The Kora

Sweden's got another fresh import, in the form of the two-woman, four-man outfit going by the name of Fredrik. Hard to know what to call this band's music, though it's clear the six members are more than up for experimenting with traditional pop's sound structure. Members cite everyone from The Fairport Convention to ~scape label boss Barbara Morgenstern as influences, and have leaked this track to give us a taste of the multi-instrumental, harmony-laden songs we can expect when the band releases Na Na Ni on October 28. Further listening opportunities can be found at the band's MySpace page. Na Na Ni 01 Black Fur 02 Alina's Place 03 Hei Hei 04 1986 05 Evil and I 06 Ninkon Loops 07 Angora Sleepwalking 08 Na Na Ni 09 11 Years 10 Morr 


Average: 7.6 (26 votes)

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