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Download: Finale "One Man Show Feat. Casual (A Rival 8-Bit Remix)"

Detroit rapper Finale, by all accounts, is truly taking a trip back to 1985 in preparing for his new album, A Pipe Dream & a Promise. First, he turned himself into a Mario brother, and now there's this 8-bit remix of his track "One Man Show," which truly sounds a little like the theme song to Tetris.


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Download: Moderat "A New Error"

A little while back, XLR8R announced the return of Moderat (comprised of techno talents Modeselektor and Apparat), back from a seven-year hiatus and ready to unveil a self-titled full-length album. The synth-heavy, melody-laden cut "A New Error" is the first track off that release. Moderat is out April 21.



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Download: Rainbow Arabia "Omar K (Ghosts on Tape Remix)"

Husband/wife duo Rainbow Arabia first unveiled its experimental dance-meets-the Middle East number, "Omar K," last summer, as part of The Basta EP. Here, San Francisco-based producer Ghosts on Tape (a.k.a. Ryan Merry) gives the number a grimy interpretation that should get the electro-crunk crowd going on the dancefloor.



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Download: Mexican Institute of Sound "Alocatel (Ad Rock Remix)"

Label: Nacional

With just a few days to go before his latest album, Soy Sauce, is released, Camilo Lara (a.k.a. Mexican Institute of Sound) hands over this track off the new release. Here, vintage Latin and modern electronics meet, often on playful middle ground. Soy Sauce is out April 7.



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Download: Daedelus "Off to the Races (Meanest Man Contest Remix Feat. Cuzzo)"

Onetime XLR8R cover star Daedelus produced the first release in the brand-new Friends of Friends series, and as part of the package, the L.A.-based lover of all things Victorian commissioned remixes from the likes of Michna, Eliot Lipp, Nosaj Thing, and others. Here's Meanest Man Contest's dance-meets-hip-hop take on the track "Off to the Races."



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Download: Douster "Ladinian (Ruff Mix)"

Label: ZZK

"It's basically dinosaur music, the kind of music the first human beings would have done if they had an 808," says Douster of the music on his upcoming EP. With that in mind, cumbia powerhouse Zizek's most recent signee brings music inspired by images of Jesus, John Locke, tribal chants, and a few hand-bells. Catch the entire crew on the Zizek North American tour, which kicks off in April. 

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Download: Hecuba "Miles Away"

When pictures of Michael Jackson, Karen Carpenter, and Walt Disney hang on the walls of the studio in which you record your album, strange things are bound to happen. Hecuba—who has just such a collection of pictures on its studio walls—makes music that's tough to pin into a single musical category, it being an amalgamation of tribal drums, drone-like chants, and gentle horns. "Miles Away" is the lead single off the band's upcoming debut album, Paradise. Paradise is out May 26 via Manimal Vinyl. Photo by Anna Webber. 

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