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Download: Lithops "Handed"

Jan St. Werner stepped away from his work with Von Sudenfed and Mouse on Mars to release another album under his Lithops guise. The resulting YE VIOLS, which will drop January 27, is limited to a mere 1,000 copies that will come packaged with an 11" x 17" poster and a hand-printed cover (that's on recycled paper, no less). "Handed" originally premiered at at the Project Arts Centre in Dublin, accompanying an exhibition by Rosa Barba and David Maljkovic. Ever the experimentalist, Werner's turned over yet-another eclectic collage. YE VIOLS 01 Graf 02 Handed 03 Sebquenz 04 21. Jhrdt 05 In Nitro 06 Apps 1 07 Apps 2 08 Bacchus 09 Penrose Ave. 10 Inductech 11 Wammo 


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Download: Señor Coconut "Showroom Dummies (Kraftwerk Cover)"

Label: Nacional

Most artists just talk about their musical influences. Señor Coconut prefers to make tribute albums for his, and now that he's finished giving a nod to Daft Punk, he's ready to revisit his El Baile Alemán. Originally released in 2000, the album is a collection of Latin electronic covers of Kraftwerk songs, including the famous "Showroom Dummies," which, here, sounds fit for a cocktail party at the ocean, although we surmise the club kids also go crazy for this one. Nacional recently re-released the album in digital format. 


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Download: Zion I "DJ DJ"

Amplive stopped remixing indie rock bands long enough to help MC Zumbi put the finishing touches on the next Zion I album, and here's the first track from that release. The Oakland, CA-based duo is an act that's been historically billed as hip-hop, but you could more readily shelve many tracks from The TakeOver into your electro catalog. Not that we're surprised, given 2008's The Search and Seizure mixtape, whose a-side featured a boat load of genres. The TakeOver will be released on February 17. Bump this track in the meantime. 


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Download: Monosurround "Mushroomed (Shir Khan Dub)"

The über-busy DJ, producer, and megamixer we know as Shir Khan slowed down long enough to hand over this remix of the track "Mushroomed." The original cut appears on fellow Berliner Monosurround's forthcoming album Hello World. Khan's reworked it into a rather upbeat number that's absolutely screaming to be played to a crowd of dancing people.  


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Download: Telepathe "Lights Go Down"


Brooklyn-based noise pop duo Telepathe is set to release its first full-length, Dance Mother, this spring. This quirky debut album will be produced by Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio. “Lights Go Down,” off the album, is a playground of buzzing, whirring, tingling, slapping, and other disconnected sounds that dot the landscape around a straightforward beat and simple, calmly delivered melody sung in unwavering unison by band members Busy Gangnes and Melissa Livaudais. The song feels like the ritual chanting of a group approaching an alter to sacrifice a keyboard or a Korg. Lulu McAllister  


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Download: The Long Lost "Woebegone (Flying Lotus Luckiest Charm Remix)"

Label: Ninja Tune

The Darlington's (a.k.a. Daedelus and his wife, Laura), seem to have a fine time together, rifling through flea markets for Victorian frock coats and making dreamy acoustic music as The Long Lost. The latter activity isn't just them sitting around the living room, casually strumming guitars though. The pair has prepped a self-titled debut album that's ready for release on March 3 via Daedelus' longtime home, Ninja Tune. Now, we couldn't call the forthcoming album properly promoted without one of Daedelus' fellow L.A. beatmaking friends stopping by, and Flying Lotus took care of that with this remix of the track "Woebegone." Hazy hip-hop and emotive folk music go surprisingly well together, it turns out. The Long Lost 01 The Art Of Kissing 02 Amiss 03 Sibilance 04 Overmuch 05 Past Perfect 06 Ballroom Dance Club 07 Siren Song 08 Colour 09 Regrets Only 10 Cat Fancy 11 Wobegone 12 Finders Keepers 13 Domestics 14 Awash  


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Download: Ilyas "Real Hip-Hop Don’t Die"


2008 saw Brooklyn/Cincinnati trio Tanya Morgan prove itself a force to be reckoned with in the world of independent hip-hop, but Von Pea, Donwill, and Ilyas deliver equally sharp tracks as solo artists. The latter is about to release the first in a trilogy of solo albums on January 17. According to this post, he was urged to "come out of [his] shell" by his fellow bandmates and release some of his own work, hence the new album. He didn't leave the group behind though. The Prelude features production work from Von Pea, along with Ill Poetic, SlimKat, and others. Also a film director and editor, Ilyas says he plans to do a video for every track on the album, so plenty of stuff will be coming our way over the next few months. 

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