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Download: SelfSays "Parting Gifts"

Following the growing handful of artists who are flipping old-school music distribution the figurative bird and releasing music themselves is Detroit-based hip-hopper SelfSays, and the dusty hip-hop beats on his new EP, Something Out of Nothing, will call to mind artists like Flying Lotus and Samiyam. Here's the track "Parting Gifts," and you can download the entire release at here. It will only cost you an email address.


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Download: Andreas Tilliander "Caught in a Riot Feat. New Moscow"

Label: Adrian

He might have included the word "riot" in it's title, but this track, off über-prolific producer Andreas Tilliander's forthcoming full-length Show, is a rather elegant affair in which techno, house, dub, and a little pop congregate peacefully. Show is due for release in May 2009. Photo by Daniel Karlsson.

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Download: Crystal Antlers "Andrew"

Long Beach, CA-based outfit (and one of XLR8R's recent Artist to Watch bands) Crystal Antlers has a new offering for the music masses, in the form of this soulful psych-punk jam. "Andrew" is off the band's forthcoming debut full-length, set for release April 7 via Touch and Go. 

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Download: Mr. Scruff "Music Takes Me Up Feat. Alice Russell"

Label: Ninja Tune

The loveable and ever-inventive Andy Carthy (a.k.a. Mr. Scruff) teamed up with Britain-based crooner Alice Russell for this track, a laidback soul jam in which Ms. Russell's vocals take front and center. Taken from the album Ninja Tune, out now. Photo by Nathan Cox. 

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Download: NIAMAJ "Love Joint"

Label: Be Real

Bicoastal rapper NIAMAJ thinks that, in this period of economic recession, it’s time to give something back to the community. He’s offering up music. He and label Be Real promise to donate %100 of money earned off his latest full-length, It’s About Time, to Sacred Heart Community Service. “Love Joint,” off this charitable album, features hard-hitting lyrics spoken against funky motown horns and soft soul backup vocals cut up to function as a rhythmic accent. It's About Time is out now on Be Real.



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Download: 14KT "Hihatspectations"

Take the Detroit sound, dip it in chocolate, then smother it in grit, blues, and a sprinkle of dubstep swing. The result would be "Hihatspectations" by 14KT. As a notable hip-hop producer and a core member of Michigan based hip-hop act The Athletic Mic League, 14KT holds a well-versed knowledge of ambient beats and smoothed out melodies on this down-tempo track. Influenced by J-Dilla, his soulful and minimal approach to his music is well accounted for in this first of many solo efforts. Courtney Freeman 

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Download: Larytta "The City Walls (Hrdvsion Remix)"

Label: Creaked

Switzerland-based duo Larytta released Difficult Fun last year, and with that album proved its love of pairing eclectic sounds together (African chants meeting '80s synths being one combination). Nathan Jonson (a.k.a. Hrdvsion) has turned the track "The City Walls," off the album, into a leftfield electronic playground, in which nearly every element of the music was cut, sliced, and diced. 


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