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Download: Frikstailers "Baile Frik"

Argentinian duo Frikstailers (pronounced Freak-stylers) first rose to prominence as part of Zizek, the forward-thinking Latin collective who have been turning heads with their weekly party in Buenos Aires (not to mention last summer's XLR8R podcast, which still sounds fresh months later). Apparently the bass-loving Frikstailers, who actually hail from neighboring Córdoba, managed to catch the ears of new Scottish label Revolt Into Style, which enlisted the boys for its debut release, the aptly titled Baile Frik EP. Here on the title track, the Frikstailers energetically combine a tweaked baile funk beat with some finely chopped vocal samples and acid-tinged synth sounds. Grab the full Baile Frik EP to hear their reggaeton/cumbia remix of a tune by dancehall MC Zulu. 

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Download: Lorenz Rhode "A Little Something"

Label: Exploited

Düsseldorf, Germany-based Lorenz Rhode has "A Little Something" for us today, and in the immortal words of the press packet it arrived with, this track is like "Rick James dating Chaka Khan, dancing to Daft Punk and Technotronic, making sweet love to a Stevie Wonder ballad, when suddenly a group of German robots and a Yellow Magic Orchestra come rushing into the hotel suite and... they all decide to go to France instead." Interpret as you will, whilst enjoying the stripped-down and somewhat hypnotic synth melodies on this track, off Rhode's forthcoming Motor Cortex EP. That release drops February 11 and comes packaged with remixes by Ben Mono and Minimow&Solo. 


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Download: Bisc1 "Turbulence (RMX Blend by Cassettes Won't Listen & Scott Thorough)"

Bisc1 unleashed When Electric Night Falls in early 2008, but apparently, he's not quite ready to put the album away, since he's announced the release of The Strange Love Project. Bisc commissioned 10 producers to select and remix tracks from WENF, then called up 20-plus visual artists to create accompanying artwork, thereby making a release that's part remix album and part art installation. And if that weren't good enough, he's thrown the entire thing on his website and is giving it away for free. 

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Download: Reefer "Body Heat"

Label: Alpha Pup

What was, according to the bio on their MySpace page, "quite possibly a drunken agreement" seems to have turned into quite the project for Islands frontman Nick Thorburn and Busdriver producer Daddy Kev. Though they've known one another for years, it wasn't until 2008 that the two united their disparate musical styles under the name Reefer and released a self-titled debut album, which was recorded on the Maui coastline and most definitely bears that tropical influence. And while hip-hop doesn't always mix well with traditional songwriting, the two seem to have found a balance here between programmed beats and acoustic guitars. Even FlyLo is feeling it. 


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Download: Wildildlife "Nervous Buzzing (Hours of Worship Remix)"

Brooklyn-by-way-of-San Francisco duo (who also happen to be former XLR8R scribes) Hours of Worship is known for mixes full of pretty, transforming hooks and shimmering subtleties rooted in straightforward techno rhythms. Their remix of “Nervous Buzzing,” a track by San Francisco trance rockers Wildildlife, throbs like a headache that feels good—so good. Restrained shifts in vibration with dark echoes radiate outwardly over a bright ambient synth and driving tempo. Five minutes just isn't enough of this aural voyage. Hours of Worship has an EP, Into the Grass, coming out this spring on Ekler'o'shock. Look for it. Lulu McAllister  

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Download: Theophilus London "Save"

Theophilus London is a soulful Brooklyn-based MC with a new mixtape album, Jam!, whose 20 tracks were produced by Machinedrum. The blaring horns introduce a glamorous beat and Londons’ serious reflections about the recent past and hopeful words for the future in this inauguration day special, “Save.” Female vocalists sing a straightforward chorus with with soulful sincerity: “The nation is fallen, looking for my hero./Can you be hero? Can somebody save me?/I’m just steady calling, looking for my hero./Can you be my hero? Can somebody save me?” President Obama, are you up to the task? Photo by TEXAS. Words by Lulu McAllister  

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Download: Tim Hecker "Sea of Pulses"

Label: kranky

Tim Hecker's work has, in the past, garnered the label "cathedral ambient," so it's no surprise that this track sounds a little like a pipe organ being played inside of a massive church. What is somewhat more unexpected is the bassline here, which provides a small bit of chord progression underneath the otherwise unchanging keyboard notes. "Sea of Pulses" is off Hecker's forthcoming full-length, An Imaginary Country, which will hit stores on March 9, courtesy of kranky. 


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