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Download: D-Sisive "Like This (Feat. Guilty Simpson and DJ Grouch)"


“Like This (feat. Guilty Simpson and DJ Grouch)” is laced with Grouch’s skillful scratching and some familiar cuts of whining Wurlitzer that hearkens back to the mid-'90s, when Derek Christoff (a.k.a. D-Sisive) was only 15 but already breaking into his hometown Toronto’s freestyle battle scene. D-Sisive and Detroit-based rapper Guilty Simpson take turns laying down witty observations of their dark scene, with laidback delivery to match the accompanying beat. Ready yourself for the Sept. 23 release of D-Sisive’s EP Like This (plus three) with this sneak preview of the album’s title track. Lulu McAllister 


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Download: Big Gipp "Hot (Treasure Fingers Remix)"

Label: Scion A/V

Parking itself in the center of the up-and-coming art scene, Scion continues to release diggable collaborative and remixed albums that you can pick up at any Scion-sponsored event. On Sept. 23, grab a copy of the Big Gipp record, which includes remixes by Klever, Rob Wonder, and Treasure Fingers. Big Gipp is an Atlanta-born rapper and member of the Goodie Mob. On this “hot” track off his Scion album, Treasure Fingers has placed the sassy crooning backup singers and Big Gipp’s grimy rhythmic vocal delivery against distant maniacal laughter, shrill synths, and a funky bassline. Lulu McAllister 


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Download: DreDay "Hey Boy"

Label: Solid Bump

DreDay's one of the co-founders of S.F.-based Solid Bump Records, which formed this year, and he's on an electro-meets-Bmore-meets-disco mission here. "Hey Boy" marks his debut single, and the track seems to be having an identity crisis of sorts. It could as easily be categorized as a relic of the '80s as it could be taken as part of the new guard of contemporary club music. Judging from this mix, such fence straddling appears to be what DreDay and Solid Bump are all about.  


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Download: The Dark Romantics "Heartbreaker"

Label: Lujo

Florida-based quintet The Dark Romantics lives up to its name, with the music on the band's sophomore album, Heartbreaker, being both melancholy and shelved under track titles like "Love and Pain," "The Death of You," and the title track. Yes, it's all a bit melodramatic, but everyone's got an angry teenager inside of them, and sometimes synth-pop needs a little doom and gloom. This is the sort of stuff UVA students will throw on when sitting in their dorm rooms reading Edgar Allan Poe. 


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Download: Jasia 10 "Mindblowin"

Label: Old Tacoma

Working out of Tacoma, Washington, Jasia 10 caught the attention of producer Eliot Lipp and is now signed to his Old Tacoma Records imprint (which is actually brand new and based out of New York). "Mindblowin" comes off Way Payers Vol. 1, the first in a new compilation series from the label that's an all-out buffet of different producers' beat styles. Funk and soul inform the instrumental hip-hop rhythms here, with warm pianos and MPC melodies finishing things off. Suffice to say, the track calls to mind Lipp's trademark wobble-hop sound, so it looks like Jasia 10 has found an apt home at Old Tacoma. 

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Download: eLZhi "Talkin In My Sleep"

Label: Fat Beats

Next up off Slum Village member and Detroit veteran eLZhi's debut solo album, The Preface is this sleepy, reverb-drenched number that sees production work from Black Milk. The overall message of the track seems to be about living with dreams and nightmares, and it's easy to picture eLZhi suffering from a severe bout of insomnia here, wandering up some deserted Motor City street in the truly wee hours of the morning. It's a contrast to the colorfully robust production on this number, but then, anyone longtime player in the Detroit hip-hop pack is bound to be adept in many musical moods. Photo by Jeremy Deputat. 

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Download: Pattern is Movement "Sound Of Your Voice (CYNE Remix)"

Label: Hometapes

Cultivating Your New Experience, or CYNE


Average: 7.9 (33 votes)

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