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  • 09/30/2010

CFCF "Before and After Light"

If it wasn't readily apparent from our review of last year's Continent by CFCF, we were definitely into that record. Canadian producer Michael Silver showed us a great combination of vintage pop, Balearic and Italo disco, modern house, and soulful R&B, among other styles, and as this cut from his new EP, The River (inspired by Werner Herzog's massive cinematic masterpiece Fitzcarraldo), shows, he's ready to expand on it all. "Before and After Light" is epic in the truest sense; it swells gradually with the continuing addition of new sounds over the course of five minutes, it sounds compellingly large in sonic scope, and it's simply a beautifully crafted song. However, there is no climax to this particular CFCF saga. Instead, he uses "Light" as the grand introduction to his new body of work, but we'll have to wait until October 12 to hear the tales those other five songs have to tell. If you need more of a CFCF fix in the meantime, check out a new mixtape that Silver put together exclusively for the RVNG website here.

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