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  • 09/20/2010

Salem "Asia (oOoOO Remix)"

Bet you didn't think it would be possible to make Salem's (pictured above) blown-out, depraved, and bastardized music any bit creepier than it already is, did you? We never even considered the option ourselves, but here we are: San Francisco's oOoOO has remixed Salem's "Asia," creating something that sounds like it needs to be chained to a post in your grandmother's basement. The familiar distorted smash of drum-machine sounds still remains from Salem's original, along with snippets of wavering, ghostly moans the trio used for vocals, but the 'witch house' brother oOoOO decided to give "Asia" a cleaner hip-hop beat, a handful of twinkling synths, and some dismembered vocal samples to alter the track to his liking. Anyone looking to add another song to their Halloween party mixes needs look no further, and anyone looking to score some free Salem gear needs look no further than our contest going on here.

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