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  • 09/30/2010

Chico Mann "Ya Yo Sé"

Lover of both culturally rich sounds and modern electronics, New Jersey-based Chico Mann will release his eclectic Analog Drift album on October 26 via Wax Poetics. The record is said to incorporate elements of Afrobeat, the sounds of Cuba, the Latin flavors of 1980's Miami and New York, and the pulse of electro, much like this track from Drift, "Ya Yo Sé." Producer Marcos García's song kicks off immediately with a high energy beat, bright neon synth melodies, funky guitar plucks, and a slightly distorted bassline. It immediately grooves, and Mann's lively croon floats over the top of the music—sounding not unlike the buoyant voice of fellow pop archeologist El Guincho. We can't quite understand all of the lyrics, but to us, it sounds like Mann spends the whole song trying to incite all those listening to groove along with him.

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