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  • 10/25/2010

First Listen

Computer Jay "Phantom"

LA gets a bad rap sometimes. Between Hollywood d-bags, wannabe starlets, and the ungodly traffic, it's pretty easy to dump on on the City of Angels. But not everyone feels that way; all year long, Irish imprint All-City has been gradually releasing a 10-part series of 10-inches devoted to the funky sounds of the LA underground. The latest installment, L.A. #7, comes from neo-boogie champ Dam-Funk and his Master Blazter compatriot Computer Jay. "Phantom" comes from Computer Jay's side of the vinyl, and the instrumental tune snakes along with a bit of a G-funk vibe. The drums pop, the synths reach for the cosmos, and the whole thing emits a strong "not in any kind of a fucking hurry" vibe, even though the track barely cracks the two-minute mark. Gangster indeed.

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