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Download: GL "Won't You See (Gerd Janson Dub Mix)"

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Melbourne-based duo GL (pictured above) will soon drop its Love Hexagon EP, a collection of glossy, funk-striped pop tracks that will serve as the pair's debut outing. Appearing ahead of the release is this dub mix of "Won't You See"—Love Hexagon's lead single—from Running Back label boss Gerd Janson. In his hands, the song is stripped of most of extremities, being refitted around a steady drum machine pulse, which comes highlighted by percussion hits that come bathed in heavy digital reverb. Holding on to its simply infectious groove for the remix's entire four minutes, Janson renders the track a dub by throwing coy snippets of spacey vocals atop the mix. GL's full Love Hexagon EP can be expected to arrive in September via the Plastic World label. 

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Download: Sieren "Prism (Duct Remix)"

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With appearances on Project: Mooncircle and Finest Ego to his name, Berlin-based producer Sieren (pictured above) will shift his aims more towards the dancefloor on his upcoming The Convoluted Truth EP. Said to find Sieren delivering "five slices of deep, UK bass-inflected experimentation," the upcoming record (which will see a release via the Shades label) is preceded by a remix collection, from which Duct's take on EP cut "Prism" comes to us. On it, Duct refits the original track into a more efficient structure, focusing on rhythmic bass-weight and detailed percussion while filling the production out with subtle atmospherics. Out on August 4, Sieren's upcoming The Convoluted Truth EP can be streamed in full after the jump while the record's accompanying remix collection—which also features reworks from Fybe:one and Manni Dee—can be downloaded for free here.  Read more » 

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Download: Deebs "Wake Forever"

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Toronto-based producer Deebs is set to drop a helping of new material in September, and has decided to pass along the slow-brewing "Wake Forever" to give a better idea of what to expect from the budding talent's next outing. A track that has served as the opener for Deebs' recent live performances, "Wake Forever" presents a heavenly procession of re-pitched vocals, which stutter and pulse atop outstretched sub-bass notes and a dense procession of skittering half-time rhythms. Topped off by a subtle bell melody, "Wake Forever" is a patient production, and one which leaves the Canadian talent plenty of room to go just about anywhere on his forthcoming record. 

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Download: Lil Jabba "Sun Thru a Cloud"

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Brooklyn producer Lil Jabba—an affiliate of the Teklife crew whose proper debut full-length, Scales, appeared via the Local Action label last year—has a number of releases in the works, but before any of his upcoming efforts officially drop, the budding beatmaker has generously passed along a new effort entitled "Sun Thru a Cloud." Landing on the mellower end of Lil Jabba's production scope, "Sun Thru a Cloud" is a brief but inviting instrumental which laces jittery hip-hop rhythms with slippery synths, delicate melodies, and a series of water-logged textures.  

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Download: EV4NS "Cassandra"

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Label: Tracy

A regular contributor to Barcelona label Tracy's fast-growing catalog, Parisian producer EV4NS (though we've seen him operate simply as "Evans" too) will return to the imprint with the three-track Cassandra EP on August 5. Leading off the forthcoming effort is its title track—a moody, garage-indebted production, "Cassandra" makes excellent use of wide-sweeping pads and popcorn synth lines, which combine with smartly chopped vocal melodies to help land this one along the more R&B-indebted ends of the bass music spectrum. 

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Download: Brian Ellis "All I Know, All I See"

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Label: Voltaire

Hailing from the Southern California city of Escondido, funk specialist Brian Ellis will issue his Reflection EP via San Francisco's Voltaire label next week. Billed as a record that pushes Ellis' brand of "drum machine-synthesizer funk to the livest, rawest level" (and complete with a feature from The Egyptian Lover), Reflection is an expectedly keyboard-laden affair, for which "All I Know, All I See" serves as our first taste. Beginning with the snap of a lightly processed drum machine rhythm, the track initially finds Ellis whispering lyrics about the power of "the funk" over the laid-back procession, before showing off his skills across a number of synth-soaked chord structures and flowing solos. Ellis' six-track Reflection EP will be available in 12" vinyl form beginning July 29. 

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Download: Slam Skillet "Keratin"

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Label: Ounce.

NYC producer Slam Skillet first appeared on our radar late last month, when the budding talent offered up his club-minded "Impala" production for free download. Now, Slam Skillet returns to XLR8R with "Keratin," a sci-fi cut from his upcoming Linear Motif EP (artwork above), which drops on July 28 via the Ounce. digital label. Bolstered by space-age percussion, "Keratin" offers a bevy of futuristic synth tones, which come lined with just a touch of funk, helping the tune find an intriguing balance between dancefloor readiness and adventurous sonic exploration. 

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