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Download: Moiety "Noboru"

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Jesse Sappell is a budding Los Angeles-based producer who operates under the name Moiety while serving as a co-founder of growing LA label and club night The Melt. Spanning over seven minutes, "Noboru" is Sappell's latest production—a dark and dense romp through machine-minded techno and alien textures. To his credit, Sappell takes his time developing the track, painstakingly adding rushes of percussion, strong-armed synth sequences, and washes of gritty textures to "Noboru" as it steamrolls its way through its elongated run.  

Average: 7.6 (63 votes)

Download: 2ndSun "Intentions"

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Earlier this month, budding English pair 2ndSun issued the four-track Bespoked EP via Ben Pearce's fledgling Purp & Soul imprint. Here, 2ndSun has offered a bonus cut to that record, the chord-soaked "Intentions," which finds the duo crafting a garage-indebted affair which leans heavily on the back-half of its swing. Led by a delayed vocal sample and a handful of floating melodies, "Intentions" is a bluesy house production fitting for an outfit who has released on a label so unabashedly focused on both "purp" and "soul." 

Average: 7.8 (56 votes)

Download: Break SL "Malström"

Founded in 2010, Dresden, Germany's Uncanny Valley has put together a small but certainly respectable catalog in its time, passing the 20th release mark earlier this year. For its recent 21st release, the label tapped frequent contributor Break SL to deliver four restless hardware-born house tunes for his Atlantic Ocean Road EP. Closing that record is "Malström," a track which utilizes a friendly dancefloor beat on top of which thick analog lines and percolating synth glitches are placed and manipulated throughout. Out now, Break SL's Atlantic Ocean Road EP can be previewed after the jump.  Read more » 

Average: 8.2 (35 votes)

Download: Ultrademon "Step Into Liquid (Wayback Mix)"

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Label: Coral

Having formerly operated as Fire for Effect, Chicago-by-way-of-Kansas producer Ultrademon (real name Albert Redwine) will issue his next full-length (his first arrived last year via Rephlex), Voidic Charms, via the "seapunk"-affiliated Coral imprint next month. Serving as a taster is "Step Into Liquid (Wayback Mix)," a production that harkens back to the glory days of drum & bass while taking a number of its own unexpected twists and turns. Here, between the chopped-to-all-hell 160-bpm breaks, Redwine fits repitched chord stabs, off-percussion, vocal samples, and what very well may be the sound of chimpanzees. Spanning just over two minutes, "Step Into Liquid (Wayback Mix)" comes and goes in a flash, leaving one to wonder how else the budding producer plans to use his comprehensive electronic music vocabulary on Voidic Charms when it officially lands on July 25. 

Average: 7.9 (49 votes)

Download: Luka "Lowdown"

First Listen

23-year old producer Luka is said to concern himself with the more solitary ends of hazy R&B and industrial pop. But on "Lowdown," the closing cut from the artist's upcoming The Nest EP, Luka lands somewhere between the bliss-streaked beats of Balam Acab and the murky collages of Teebs (perhaps in his calmer moments). Built around a steady, understated kick-and-rim pattern, "Lowdown" slowly unfolds sets of water-logged chords and airy vocal melodies, which come processed to the point that they resemble soft woodwinds. Our first introduction to the work of Luka (who can sometimes be caught adding an extra symbol to his name, rendering him "Luka ‡"), "Lowdown" speaks well to the budding artist's debut release, slated to drop on July 15. 

Average: 8.4 (77 votes)

Download: Sunny Graves "Drawing Hands in Soft Light"

Label: Disboot

Sunny Graves—the latest project from Barcelona producer Simon Williams—has passed along an intricate slice of lacquered sonics titled "Drawing Hands in Soft Light." Lifted from his forthcoming Bayou EP—which will be released via the Disboot label in July—the spiraling track fluidly sutures ascending synth arpeggios with swelling low-end. Rattling percussion, gaseous vocals, and organic samples are then added to the mix, making for a densely packed five-minute tune.  

Average: 8.4 (81 votes)

Download: Orlando Volcano "I’ll Always Be Like This"

Previously operating under the Orquesta moniker, Brooklyn-based Orlando Volcano has this week released his first EP under his new name. Titled Nice to Meet You, the EP closes with "I’ll Always Be Like This," a meandering ambient track composed of sun-drenched harmonies that wash in and out of focus while an undercurrent of analog noise periodically crackles at the surface. In addition to "I’ll Always Be Like This," the entirety of Orlando Volcano's Nice to Meet You EP can be streamed after the jump and downloaded for free here.  Read more » 

Average: 7.4 (34 votes)

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