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Download: autoKratz "Always More (Yuksek Remix)"

Label: Kitsuné

As reported earlier this week, the Kitsuné crew will release its seventh Maison compilation on June 9, with tracks by La Roux, Heartsrevolution, The Golden Filter, and more cropping up on the tracklisting. Here is Parisian dance music producer Yuksek’s contribution to the release, an autoKratz remix seemingly tailor-made with the bygone days of rave in mind.


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Download: Liechtenstein "Roses in the Park"

Liechtenstein is a new band in town (aurally, that is, as they actually live in Sweden), and their music is tailor-made for fans of Vivian Girls or The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Like the former, Liechtenstein is a trio of ladies currently crafting gauzy post-punk-style songs, and the girls are set to release Survival Strategies in a Modern World on June 2. Drift away with this flowery number.


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Download: Sharkslayer "Skanking Riddim"

Label: Top Billin

Top Billin members DJ Pushups and Sir Nenis have recently spent some hours with their side project, making music under the Sharkslayer guise. Just as their name sounds, the duo's music tends to, uh, slay the crowds in dance clubs, mixing heavily layered synths with tech-house, ghetto-house, dubstep, and more.


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Download: Tortoise "High Class Slim Came Floatin In"

Label: Tortoise

Clocking in at just over eight minutes, this track gives us a taste of what Tortoise has in store for its sixth full-length, Beacons of Ancestorship. Post-rock and freeform, jazzed-out electronics have always formed the basis of the band’s music, and here they employ those styles with a mish-mash of stop-and-start guitar riffs, keyboards that crescendo up and down, and a hearty bassline that bubbles underneath. By all accounts, the musical trajectory on this track seems to have a mind of its own. Beacons of Ancestorship is out in June. 


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Download: Tanya Morgan "Morgan Blu Feat. Blu"

With less than two weeks to go before their sophomore album, Brooklynati, is released, the Tanya Morgan boys unveil another track off the record. “Morgan Blu" is a far more soulful affair than the last song we heard from the trio, no doubt largely due to the contributions of hip-hop/gospel singer Blu. Brooklynati is out May 12.  

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Download: UUVVWWZ "Shark Suit"

UUVVWWZ's music is as strange as their name. The Lincoln, Nebraska-based avant-rock quartet will release its self-titled debut album at the beginning of July. In the meantime, this track should give a hint at the electric guitar mayhem to come. UUVVWWZ is out July 7. 

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Download: Bike for Three! "All There is to Say About Love"

Label: anticon.

As previously reported, Canadian rapper, Buck 65, has teamed up with Belgium-based electronic producer Greetings from Tuskan. The resulting album under their Bike for Three! guise finds these two honing in on their respective musical powers, with sharp rhymes falling over 8-bit-style electronics. Impressive, particularly considering the two never actually met face-to-face during the recording process. The duo's album, More Hearts Than Brains, is out May 26.  

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